Aeroflex Launches 7100 Digital Radio Test Set

Aeroflex has launched the 7100 Digital Radio Test Set designed to enable chip-set designers, software developers and handset manufacturers accelerate the pace of development projects to meet the requirements of the new 3GPP Rel-8 E-UTRAN standard better known as 3G LTE. The Aeroflex 7100 delivers the most comprehensive testing capability for 3G LTE mobile devices available in a single bench-top instrument.

Aeroflex 7100 Digital Radio Test SetUtilising intuitive touch screen technology to provide easy access to comprehensive test functionality, the Aeroflex 7100 incorporates a fully integrated RF interface, baseband and protocol stack. The Aeroflex 7100 simulates the network from the physical layer to the core network IP infrastructure uniquely offering both parametric analysis and protocol logging and diagnostics. End-to-end IP connectivity allows the data throughput performance and latency to be assessed. With a base frequency range of up to 6GHz, the Aeroflex 7100 is designed to cope with both current and potential future spectrum allocations.

Optional features of the Aeroflex 7100 include 2×2 MIMO and built in ‘fading’ simulation, allowing device throughput to be assessed in real-world conditions. An optional second RF carrier is also available for handover test scenarios, a major challenge for mobile device designers. Future options will include GSM/GPRS/EDGE and WCDMA/HSPA which will enable inter-system handover to be tested, a critical feature for new network roll-out.

The Aeroflex 7100 is based on tried and tested Aeroflex RF and baseband technology and is primarily targeted at the 3G LTE R&D market, providing a test solution for developers designing new chip-sets, protocol stacks and devices supporting the 3G LTE standard. The core application will be functional tests (call set-up and termination) and parametric measurements (transmitter power, receiver sensitivity) that need to be performed to confirm correct operation of new designs on the bench. Typical users will be chip (FPGA/ASIC) designers, protocol stack developers, application software developers, integration test teams, pre-certification test labs, software regression test teams, field trial test engineers, handset acceptance test groups and end-of-line production quality testers, where interactive communication with the completed device is needed.

“The realisation and rapid deployment of 3G LTE technology is totally dependent on providing high-quality, cost-effective test solutions to both designers and manufacturers,” said Phil Medd, Product Manager for the Aeroflex 7100. “The Aeroflex 7100 provides unprecedented test support in a single bench-top instrument across a broad spectrum of design and manufacturing disciplines.”

About LTE
LTE (Long Term Evolution) lies on the 3GPP GSM evolutionary path beyond 3G HSDPA/HSUPA and is designed to provide increased data speeds at a lower cost per data bit compared to 3G. It targets data rates in excess of 100Mbps over the downlink and 50Mbps over the uplink when operating in the 20MHz spectrum allocation, climbing to peak rates of 300Mbps in the downlink for the highest category UEs. LTE technology will also ensure high performance for speeds up to 120km/h and mobility support across the cellular network for speeds up to 350km/h. As well as higher data rates, wide-area coverage is also being targeted. The throughput, efficiency and mobility targets must be met for 5km cells through to 30km cells and up to 100km cells. Reduced latency is also being addressed with a target for data-plane latency less than 5ms in unloaded conditions with small IP packets.

About Aeroflex
Aeroflex Incorporated is a global provider of high technology solutions to the aerospace, defence, cellular and broadband communications markets. The Company’s diverse technologies allow it to design, develop, manufacture and market a broad range of test, measurement and microelectronic products. Aeroflex Incorporated was founded in 1937 and today has more than 2,600 employees worldwide.

About Aeroflex Test Solutions
Aeroflex Test Solutions is a global leader in the Test and Measurement Instrumentation marketplace. Its products support a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense and wireless mobile and broadband communications. Its proven solutions encompass a full spectrum of instrumentation from turnkey systems, stand alone boxes and modular components that provide customers with highly reliable, customised, innovative and cost effective tools for solving their test and measurement requirements.