Vitesse VSC3406 Clock and Data Recovery Transceiver Targets HD Video

Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (Pink Sheets:VTSS) is targeting its latest Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) transceiver, the VSC3406, at high-definition video broadcast equipment. The VSC3406 significantly improves the signal integrity of uncompressed, high definition (HD), SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), 1080i/1080p signals as the data gets distorted through cables, connectors and backplanes. The VSC3406 combines its signal integrity feature set with Vitesse’s VScope waveform viewing technology to enable real-time, economic monitoring functionality for live video feeds in broadcast video equipment.

Monitoring and correcting faults associated with hundreds of HD streams taxes the capabilities of test equipment, broadcast systems, as well as the individual operators. Monitoring of these links in real time for Quality of Service (QoS) parameters is essential for the efficient operation of broadcast studios. Vitesse’s VScope technology is a patented solution that offers a more accessible and cost-effective signal analysis tool that can be remotely monitored through network connections. This technology leapfrogs current signal integrity methods to scan the input data eye within the chip itself and produces the industry’s first offering of true in-line imaging of the real-time data stream on a per-pin basis.

Vitesse’s VScope and CDR technology is applicable to a range of equipment from broadcast video systems to networking/telecommunications devices carrying a mix of both high definition video and data traffic. The VSC3406 is capable of transmitting and receiving SMPTE compliant HD-SDI quality video signals at 1.5 Gbps and 3 Gbps while introducing new architectural options for equipment carrying video and data traffic. Furthermore, the IC’s VScope functionality allows a new level of visibility for system debug and remote monitoring across a full video router matrix.

“The VSC3406, with VScope technology, is ideal for video broadcast production where monitoring and maintaining a high-level of high-speed signal integrity across hundreds/thousands of live multi-gigabit links is essential. Vitesse has a decade of successful product developments that have been the cornerstone of several industry-leading video routers,” said Juan Garza, product marketing manager at Vitesse. “VScope is a game-changing technology that complements the Vitesse signal integrity portfolio and is certainly positioned to become a revolutionary new way to improve quality of service monitoring in video broadcast.”

VScope can also be used in conjunction with other devices in Vitesse’s performance-leading signal integrity portfolio such as the VSC3144 144×144 crosspoint or the VSC3172 72×72 crosspoint which are being used in many video routers today.

Samples of the VSC3406 are available now. The VSC3406 is priced at $60 USD in volume quantities and is available in an 81-pin, 10mm x 10mm FCBGA package. To learn more about the features of this device, view the information available on the Vitesse web site:

Vitesse at Inter BEE 2008
During November 19-21, 2008, Vitesse will be showcasing multiple demonstrations at Inter BEE including the VScope-capable VSC3406 CDR and crosspoint technologies. Vitesse will be located at Inter BEE Booth #7408. See the VScope overview video that will be featured during the show:

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