nSys Offers Free Evaluation Licenses of USB 3.0 Verification Suite

nSys Design Systems, the developer of the world’s largest portfolio of Verification IPs announced the availability of FREE Evaluation licenses of its USB 3.0 Verification Suite. The Evaluation license will also help increase the users’ understanding of the SuperSpeed USB technology. The USB 3.0 nVS FREE Evaluation license is available to qualified users.

SuperSpeed USB is the next iteration of USB that improves link speed up to 5 Gbps while providing compatibility to earlier generation USB devices. The USB 3.0 nVS accelerates the adoption of the SuperSpeed USB standard. The nVS helps find bugs before the design is implemented in silicon and is a key component of the verification environment for USB 3.0 based designs.

“Verification IP providers, such as nSys, are an important part of the chip development ecosystem and play an important role in ensuring industry wide interoperability for standards based technology,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF president and chairman. “Adopters of SuperSpeed USB technology will benefit from the availability of Verification Suite from nSys that helps designers build SuperSpeed USB solutions.”

“Our USB 3.0 nVS is built upon the widely accepted and proven Verification IPs for PCI Express and USB 2.0,” said Atul Bhatia, CEO of nSys Design Systems. “Our customers will benefit tremendously from the verification of the USB 3.0 specification. They will be able to identify non-compliance to the standard very easily because of availability of Test Suites in the nSys Verification Suite.”

About USB 3.0 nVS
The USB 3.0 nVS (nSys Verification Suite) is a complete verification solution consisting of Bus Function Model (BFM), Monitor, Checker and Test Suites for functional verification of all types of USB 3.0 based designs. The nVS allows design and verification engineers to quickly and extensively test the entire functionality of USB 3.0 compliant devices. Availability of Test Suites enables the designer to focus on features unique to the design. The nVS family of products are available in SystemVerilog (OVM/VMM) and Verilog. All the nVS family of products are integrated to work with popular languages/environments like ‘e’, SystemC, OpenVera and VHDL.

For more information and to register for Evaluation license of USB 3.0 nVS, visit: www.nsysinc.com/usb3

The USB 3.0 nVS is available now for all popular simulators and verification environments.

About nSys
nSys leverages the world’s largest portfolio of Verification IPs it has developed, to provide products & services to Accelerate Designs of its customers developing ASIC or FPGA. The nVS family has proven VIPs for standard interfaces such as PCI Express, Ethernet, SATA, SAS, AXI, USB, SDIO, DDR3, DDR2 etc.