Trusted Logic Trusted Foundations Software Confroms with OMTP TR1

Trusted Logic, a leading provider of secure open software for embedded systems, has submitted its Product Profile Statement to declare conformance with the new Advanced Trusted Environment (TR1) recommendation from the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform). The OMTP TR1 defines key requirements for safer mobile transactions, enabling telecom operators to deploy value-added high security services such as mobile payment and banking.

The latest version of Trusted Logic’s Trusted Execution Environment, TRUSTED FOUNDATIONS[tm] SOFTWARE – which was recently launched – provides the market with a unique security platform enabling great flexibility. It provides high-level APIs to develop high-performance security-sensitive services, such as payment and DRM applications.

Trusted Foundations[tm] Software is well suited for any embedded device requiring the execution of sensitive applications. It allows fast and flexible implementation of security features and provides a full execution environment, separated from non-sensitive applications. The combination of Trusted Logic’s software with hardware security blocks is the best solution to allow a true secure execution environment in mobile devices, compliant with OMTP TR1 requirements. Trusted Foundations Software can connect to major mobile operating systems such as Symbian OS[tm], Windows Mobile[tm] and LInux.

TrustZone® Software – the ARM® version of Trusted Foundations[tm] Software optimized for ARM1176 cores – was released earlier this year. Trusted Foundations[tm] Software has already been ported on leading silicon vendor platforms, enabling service providers to deploy applications on the main platforms.

Dominique Bolignano, CEO of Trusted Logic, comments: “Trusted Logic has been pioneering the definition of security requirements for the wireless industry. With OMTP TR1 these requirements are now a reality. For years we have been co-operating with silicon vendors and telecom operators. Trusted Foundations[tm] Software is the right product for them to deploy all these exciting new digital services. This is an important step for our company.”

David Rogers, Director of External Relations for OMTP, said “We are very pleased that Trusted Logic has a product which has declared conformance to the Advanced Trusted Environment (TR1). We hope to see an increasing number of platforms and mobiles implementing security sensitive services such as m-commerce, based on the OMTP TR1 requirements.”

About Trusted Logic
Trusted Logic is a pioneer in security solutions for digital services – from mobile payment to e-ticketing; from identification to access control – enabling end-users to access services anywhere, anytime, securely. A leading provider of open, secure software for smart cards, terminals and consumer devices, Trusted Logic creates the foundations for converging digital services at the crossroads of telecom, banking, transport, and government. Its subsidiary, Trusted Labs, offers consulting and security evaluation services and helps customers design and deploy their next digital services.

About OMTP
OMTP is a forum funded by companies from across the mobile phone value chain, set up with the aim of gathering and driving mobile terminal requirements to ensure consistent and secure implementations, thereby reducing fragmentation and simplifying the customer experience of mobile data services across mobile terminals. OMTP is backed by many of the largest mobile operators and has members from 24 hardware and software vendors across the value chain. OMTP recommendations benefit carriers, content providers, middleware vendors and handset manufacturers to develop open and compatible mobile devices.