Advantest Rolls Out T5782 Memory Test System

Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE), the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor test equipment, announced its new memory tester, the T5782. Available this month, the T5782 is designed with per-site architecture and industry-leading speeds of 266MHz/533Mbps, and is ideally suited for testing today’s flash memories, as well as future device generations including memory-embedded microcontrollers and rapidly evolving memory bus environments. The T5782′s at-speed, at-specification performance meets the requirements of tomorrow’s Known Good Die (KGD) and MCP memory solutions.

The system boasts an ability to simultaneously test up to 256 devices and inherits the advanced technologies and performance features of its predecessor, the T5781, with a footprint half the size. The T5782 also incorporates many flash functions including ECC and Block Management, which enable the system to flexibly address diversified needs.

Diversification of Flash Microcontrollers Drives Demand for Flexible High-Speed Test
From refrigerators and washing-machines, to cellular phones, gaming, HDTV and cars, consumer products now incorporate an unprecedented amount of advanced technologies. Embedded flash-memory-based MCUs are dominating new system designs, true even in high-volume production because of flash memory’s improved performance, flexibility and ability to be reprogrammed. Improved performance, life, and reliability have all been pivotal to the success of flash MCUs. For applications including computer peripherals, home appliances, and automotive uses, embedded flash is replacing ROM and one-time-programming (OTP) solutions by meeting the long-term stability and cost goals set by these well established technologies.

Flash MCUs are often crucial to product performance, yet as products gain expanded functionality and versatility, flash MCUs themselves are evolving into a more diverse device category, with faster speeds and higher generational turnover. In step with this evolution, manufacturers require high-speed, low-cost test solutions. Advantest’s new T5782 offers the industry a flexible and cost-efficient answer to these needs.

Key Features

Best-In-Class Test Speed
Targeting the memory circuits of flash MCUs, the T5782 offers the fastest test speed in the industry: 266MHz. Parallel test capacity has been reduced by 50% compared to the previous model, the T5781, which optimizes the new tester’s configuration to support rapid generational progress in the flash MCU segment, and allows for savings on specialized consumable fixturing costs and power consumption. Low running costs facilitate cost-effective flash MCU production.

Comprehensive Memory Test Functionality
Like the T5781, the T5782 also offers flash memory and DRAM test capabilities, enabling MCP (Multi Chip Package) test in addition to flash memory wafer and package test.

Compatible With Previous Models
The T5782 is compatible with the T5781 and the T5781ES (Engineering Station), a tester designed for lab use. Test programs developed on the T5781ES can be used for wafer test on the T5782, and for volume production on the T5781, making this trio of products a highly cost-effective test solution.
System pricing begins at ¥77 million and varies depending on configuration.

Key Specifications
Parallel Test Capacity: Up to 256 devices (x8bit/x9bit, I/O shared mode)
Maximum Test Speed: 266MHz / 533Mbps (DDR mode)
Test Head: 1 station

About Advantest
Advantest Corporation is the world’s leading automatic test equipment supplier to the semiconductor industry, and also produces electronic instruments and systems. A global company, Advantest has long offered total ATE solutions, and serves the industry in every component of semiconductor test: tester, handler, mechanical and electrical interfaces, and software. Its logic, memory, mixed-signal and RF testers and device handlers are integrated into the most advanced semiconductor production lines in the world. Founded in Tokyo in 1954, Advantest established its first subsidiary in 1982, in the USA, and now has subsidiaries worldwide. Among them, Advantest America, Inc. is based in Santa Clara, CA., Advantest (Europe) GmbH is based in Munich, Germany, and Advantest Taiwan Inc. is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan.