IEI Unveils Products Based on Intel Atom processor N270

IEI Technology Corp. (IEI), the global industrial PC innovator, announced the launch of wide range of products based on the 45 nm Intel® Atom[tm] processor N270. IEI Intel® Atom[tm] platforms include single board computers (SBC) of varying form factors, embedded systems, Afolux panel PCs (PPC) and panel PCs (PPC). IEI choose the power-optimized Intel® Atom[tm] processor N270 platform with 7-year life support for wide range of single board computers, embedded systems and panel pc. These platforms’ applications required graphics-rich large displays, such as digital signage.

The IEI Intel® Atom[tm] SBC portfolio include the following form factors: 3.5″ (WAFER-ATOM), 5.25″ (NOVA-ATOM), EPIC (NANO-ATOM), Mini-ITX (KINO-ATOM), Half-size PCI Express (PICOe-ATOM) and full-size PICMG 1.0 (WSB-ATOM) SBC.

The 45 nm Intel® Atom[tm] processor N270 has a 1.60 GHz clock speed and a 533 MHz FSB with a 512 KB L2 cache. The Intel® Atom[tm] processor is a low power. The Intel® Atom[tm] is interfaced through the 533 MHz FSB to an Intel® 945GSE graphics memory controller hub (GMCH) which is in turn interfaced through a high-speed direct media interface (DMI) to an Intel® Mobil ICH7-M I/O controller hub (ICH).

The Intel® 945GSE supports DDR2 memory modules, CRT graphics and both an LVDS and SDVO graphics port. In some IEI Intel® Atom[tm] platforms, the SDVO ports is connected to a second LVDS connector through a Chrontel SDVO-to-LVDS transmitter. The LVDS connectors support both 18-bit and 36-bit single channel LVDS screens.

The Intel® ICH7-M ICH comes with four PCIe lanes. Two of these lanes are typically connected to external RJ-45 LAN connectors through a Gigabit Ethernet controller (GbE) to ensure the system has PCIe GbE connectivity. The remaining two PCIe lanes are connected to either edge connectors or expansion ports such as PCIe mini slots. The Intel® ICH7-M chipsets also support up to four SATA drives, two IDE hard disks, AC’97 audio codecs and six USB 2.0 ports. All IEI Intel® Atom[tm] platforms integrate other critical peripheral device connection features including RS-232 and RS-232/422/485 serial connectivity.

The IEI Intel® Atom[tm] platforms are sophisticated, low-power SBC that provide the essential features for a low-cost, high-throughput system. Some of the benefits of IEI’s Intel® Atom[tm] platforms are listed below.

Features and Benefits

  • High-performance 45 nm Atom[tm] processor ensures high data throughputs can be processed quickly
  • Multiple form-factor ensures multi-sized systems can be developed around the motherboard
  • Low-power input conserves electricity and reduces system-cooling requirements
  • Versatile LVDS and VGA graphics support enables connectivity to different display types

Application Areas
Digital Signage; Karaoke Machines; Kiosks, Multi-media devices; Point-of-Sales Systems and Surveillance

More Information: IEI Technology Corp.