PLDA Announces Superspeed USB IP Solutions

PLDA, the industry leader in high-speed interconnect IP, announced the immediate availability of a new line of SuperSpeed USB IP products designed for ASIC and FPGA. SuperSpeed USB or USB 3.0 increases the speed of USB to 5 GHz, reducing system latency and increasing performance. This announcement significantly expands PLDA’s presence in the interconnect IP market and extends its existing leadership in the PCI space to this new standard.

Additionally, PLDA announced that they would be showcasing and demonstrating their USB 3.0 products at the SuperSpeed USB Developer’s Conference, held Nov 17 – 18, 2008 in San Jose, CA. The demo highlights the performance of the PLDA solution and showcases real-world data transfers between a SuperSpeed USB host and a device at 5 GHz.

The PLDA suite of USB 3.0 products provide a range of advanced features including:

  • Compliance with the USB 3.0 Specification, revision 1.0 and backwards-compatibility to USB 2.0
  • Extensive IP Configurability
  • Wide selection of user interfaces
  • Ability to prototype in FPGA and migrate seamlessly to ASIC

Key components of the PLDA USB 3.0 Suite of products include:

  • USB 3.0 Host IP
  • USB 3.0 Device IP
  • USB 3.0 Development Kit, available with latest generation FPGA from Altera and Xilinx
  • Reference designs
  • Complete documentation for all components and comprehensive technical support provided by PLDA’s IP designers

“There are a number of design synergies between PCI Express and SuperSpeed USB” said Stephane Hauradou, PLDA’s CTO. “As a recognized leader and expert in high-speed serial link interface IP, we provide the most comprehensive and most flexible IP solution for SuperSpeed USB implementation. We work closely with major PHY IP vendors and foundries to extend our USB 3.0 offering to any available process node; we also team up with leading Verification IP providers to not rely solely on our own verification methodology and ensure a robust verification of our IP.”

See PLDA’s USB 3.0 Products in action at the SuperSpeed USB Developers Conference:

During the SuperSpeed USB Developers Conference on November 17 – 18, 2008 in San Jose, CA, PLDA will be demonstrating their USB 3.0 solutions. The demo features two PLDA USB 3.0 ASIC development platforms connected to each other via a USB 3.0 compliant 5.0 GHz link. The host board incorporates PLDA’s USB 3.0 Host IP and traffic generator engine. Traffic is received by the device board using PLDA’s USB 3.0 Device IP and data throughput is displayed in real-time via the PLDA demo software’s graphical user interface.

For more information on the SuperSpeed USB Developers Conference, please visit the conference website at /

Product Availability
The PLDA SuperSpeed USB Host IP, Device IP, Development Kit and Reference Designs are ready to ship and available now from PLDA. Please email PLDA at for further information.

About PLDA
PLDA designs and sells a wide range of ASIC and FPGA interconnect IP solutions including bus controllers and bridge IP. The company offers complete solutions, including IP cores, hardware, software, consulting services, and comprehensive technical support provided directly by the IP designers. Founded in 1996 and profitable since its inception, PLDA is privately owned. The company maintains offices in San Jose, California and headquarters in France and has a strong international distribution network.