Ethernet Direct Rolls Out OVC Series Industrial Video Converter

Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, is pleased to offer OVC series Industrial video converter rated IP-30 to complement our OWL series solution especially designed for Industrial Video over Ethernet. OVC Video converters are specifically designed for surveillance systems and Industrial control systems that require seamless transmission over long distances. An Ethernet network ensures connectivity of security devices in the surveillance system.

The video converters are ideally suited to meet industrial environment applications including:

  • Factory premises
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Transportation like in airport, metro, railways, freeway and tunnel
  • Military
  • Control centers

OVC video converters are capable of transmitting one video channel over one fiber. It comes in options like a transmitter, a receiver, a video data receiver or a video data transceiver models. Fiber options available in multimode or single mode with a transmission distance of 20 km. The transmitter model like OVC-111 & OVC-113 converts video signals to light signals over a fiber link to the receiver model like OVC-121 & OVC-123 which then returns the light signals into analog signals and displays images on monitor. In applications wherein video transmission and high display quality is required in long distance environment, the OVC video converters are perfect choices.

Key Features

  • Allows digital video transmission over one single or two fibers
  • Provides one-way video transmission and two-way data transmission
  • Low noise and low Bit Error Rate
  • Small cross talk
  • With Surge protection
  • Long MTBF for guaranteed reliability

Ethernet Direct offers the most cost-effective video converters that meet our various application requirements and facilitating integration with other Ethernet Direct product series plus extensive experience with high level of support.

Product Information

  • OVC-111
    Industrial 1-channel video transmitter, FC, multimode 2 km
  • OVC-121
    Industrial 1-channel video receiver, FC, multimode 2 km
  • OVC-113
    Industrial 1-channel video transmitter, FC, single mode 20 km
  • OVC-123
    Industrial 1-channel video receiver, FC, single mode 20 km
  • OVC-131
    Industrial 1-channel video data transmitter, FC duplex, multimode 2 km
  • OVC-141
    Industrial 1-channel video data receiver, FC duplex, multimode 2 km
  • OVC-133
    Industrial 1-channel video data transmitter, FC duplex, single mode 20 km
  • OVC-143
    Industrial 1-channel video data receiver, FC duplex, single mode 20 km

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