MSC Vertriebs Announces EHP-AX08Sxxx Series LEDs

MSC Vertriebs GmbH introduces the new EHP-AX08Sxxx series of 1 watt & 2 watt high power LEDs. The prominent feature of these LEDs is their 360° lateral light emission. The emitted light is uniformly distributed, predominantly at an angle of approximately 80°. The diameter of the LED is 7.5-8.5 mm. The length including the pins is 14.5 mm. Two integrated antiparallel Zener diodes protect the LED against electrostatic discharges (ESD protection).

MSC Vertriebs EHP-AX08Sxxx Series LEDsTypical applications include all those that benefit from scattered light, for example, backlighting in displays, effect lighting, toy components, and all light signals used in both the public and private transportation sectors. Many of these components meet automotive requirements.

In addition, the LED family also includes all color derivatives. It is possible to make very precise selections within +/-2.5 nanometers.

The total amount of light that LEDs can emit is one of the most crucial criteria in selecting an LED. EVERLIGHT uses a binary coding selection system, tested and proven several million times over, to provide LEDs in the most precise brightness windows possible.

MSC Vertriebs GmbH
Since 1982 MSC Vertriebs GmbH has made a name for itself as one of the leading high-tech distributors of electronic components in Europe. As well as its core distribution business MSC is also able to offer customer specific design as well as production in one of four European production centers. MSC now employs over 800 people. Our key focus is on products that need highly competent technical advice such as micro-controllers and processors, programmable logic, ASICs, displays & equipment, power and linear products, memory components & memory modules, electromechanical components, optoelectronics as well as IT solutions. What makes MSC stand apart from its competitors is not only its highly qualified application and development engineers but its ability to offer design and production services. In addition a very close relationship to the major semiconductor manufacturers results in the best support for the newest technologies for our customers.