VirtualLogix Becomes Member of EEMBC Hypervisor Workgroup

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) announced that VirtualLogix, Inc., which develops and markets virtualization and partitioning software that allows embedded systems to run heterogeneous operating systems and applications efficiently and safely, is the newest member of the consortium’s hypervisor subcommittee.

“As virtualization technology becomes more important in the embedded industry, especially with regard to multicore, having participation from companies such as VirtualLogix will be crucial in ensuring that EEMBC HyperBench will accurately measure the key performance criteria,” said EEMBC President Markus Levy. “VirtualLogix’s experience in embedded virtualization technology will be an invaluable resource to EEMBC.”

A hypervisor is a program that allows multiple operating systems or execution environments to run simultaneously on a single embedded processor. In a multicore environment, a hypervisor can also distribute the operating systems and applications across multiple cores. The benefits of using a hypervisor as a virtualization platform include better load balancing and lower power consumption, by virtue of migrating processes dynamically to underutilized cores, and greater uptime through background firmware updates and redundant OS imaging.

“VirtualLogix is pleased to be working with EEMBC to develop performance benchmarks that target key applications of embedded systems to create an industry standard for evaluating the capabilities of embedded processors,” said Peter Richards, CEO, VirtualLogix. “At a time when demand for next-generation devices is expanding, it just makes sense to help system developers to migrate their legacy applications onto multicore platforms.”

In addition to VirtualLogix, member companies that have participated in the EEMBC Hypervisor Subcommittee include AMD, ARM, Cavium Networks, Freescale Semiconductor, Green Hills Software, IBM, Intel, Marvell Semiconductor, MIPS Technologies, Nokia, Open Kernel Labs, and Trango Virtual Processors. EEMBC welcomes inquiries from companies that are interested in contributing to the development of HyperBench[tm] by becoming a member of the EEMBC board of directors or its Hypervisor Subcommittee.

About VirtualLogix[tm], Inc.
VirtualLogix[tm], Inc. is the global leader in Real-Time Virtualization[tm] technology for connected devices. VirtualLogix is an affiliate member of the Intel® Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers committed to the development of modular, standards-based solutions on Intel technologies. VirtualLogix VLX enables multiple operating system environments to run concurrently on shared hardware and provides a range of performance, fault tolerance, and security options to address specific market requirements. As a result, the world’s largest semiconductor companies, manufacturers, OEMs, and carriers are able to reduce development and bill of material costs, improve time to market by leveraging existing software investments, and create conditions that meet their business goals. With more than 20 years of experience developing system software for network infrastructure, digital multimedia, and mobile handsets, VirtualLogix is paving the way for the development of next-generation connected devices. VirtualLogix, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., with operations worldwide.

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