MultiCore Optimizer to Integrated with UniCluster Software

eXludus Technologies, the leading developer of multi-core system capacity management, virtualization and provisioning solutions, announced a technology agreement with Univa UD, the leading provider of high-performance computing systems management and data center automation software. Through this agreement, MultiCore Optimizer[tm] software functionalities will be integrated with UniCluster software to create an enhanced product offering. UniCluster, which simplifies the deployment, configuration and management of clusters, will offer added capability to optimize utilization of multi-core systems.

Multi-core systems provide tremendous parallel processing capacity, but most applications are serial designs incapable of fully leveraging this potential. eXludus’ MultiCore Optimizer software eliminates this obstacle by parallelizing throughput across processing cores – without requiring changes to the underlying serial applications.

“MultiCore Optimizer software has been designed to enable existing, unchanged applications to fully leverage the aggregate processing capacity of all system cores,” said Dale Geldart, COO, eXludus Technologies. “We are very pleased to team up with industry leader Univa UD. By coupling MultiCore Optimizer and Univa UD’s UniCluster, our combined customers will see better overall cluster performance, increased ROI on their computing infrastructure and, most importantly, faster results,” Mr. Geldart added.

“Our UniCluster suite allows customers in sectors including: electronic design automation, financial services and life sciences, to extract increased value from their investment in clusters,” said Gary Tyreman, VP and General Manager, HPC Division, Univa UD. “Now, by combining UniCluster with eXludus’ MultiCore Optimizer software, customers will also benefit from a superior ROI on server investments. The combined effect will make our customers more competitive in time-sensitive markets where faster results directly impact profitability,” Mr. Tyreman concluded.

About eXludus Technologies
eXludus is the leading developer of multi-core system capacity management, virtualization and provisioning solutions for data center, cluster and grid deployments. eXludus’ innovative ‘coreware’ – software products that virtualize and manage processing cores – optimizes system productivity allowing more work to be completed in less time at lower cost. eXludus solutions are designed to complement existing infrastructure and make it simple for customers to instantly benefit from productivity gains without need for application modifications, lengthy deployment cycles or long learning curves. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, eXludus has sales offices and partnerships worldwide.

About Univa UD
Univa UD is the leading provider of HPC systems management and data center automation software. Univa UD products simplify the complex nature of deploying and operating HPC and data center virtualization environments, saving customers time and resources while giving them confidence that their solution will perform as expected. Hundreds of market-leading companies come to Univa UD to build and operate their production infrastructures, from workgroup clusters to enterprise grids to dynamic data center application provisioning. With a focus on making business easier for our customers, Univa UD is advancing the vision and practice of HPC and data center virtualization.