Trusted Labs Updates TL SET for Common Criteria 3.1

TRUSTED LABS, the leader in security consulting for converging services, announces that its security editing tool, TL SET, has been updated for Common Criteria 3.1 – the new version of the international standard for IT security evaluations. Included in this update are six new certified Protection Profiles – originally written for the Common Criteria versions 2.3 and 3.0 – which Trusted Labs has converted to the Common Criteria version 3.1. These Protection Profiles, certified by DCSSI (the French certification body), are now integrated within TL SET and address the following applications:

  • On-the-fly mass storage encryption
  • IP encryptor
  • Client VPN
  • Electronic signature creation module
  • Electronic signature verification module
  • Time-stamping system

TL SET will soon also include the new version of PP9911 Protection Profile for smart card operating systems adapted for Common Criteria version 3.1., expected to be ready by Q1 2009. Trusted Labs was commissioned by DCSSI as the leader and technical editor of the working group – which includes the main smart card vendors and Eurosmart representatives – adapting the PP9911 Protection Profile.

Claire Loiseaux, CEO of Trusted Labs, comments: “Clients already call on us for new CC version 3.1 projects. Trusted Labs can now support its customers to start new CC evaluations or to migrate products to the new CC version.”

What is a Protection Profile?
A Protection Profile states the security problem for a given IT system and specifies the security requirements to address that problem, without stating how these requirements are to be implemented. It can serve as a template for the Security Target needed for a Common Criteria evaluation. The six Protection Profiles that come with TL SET provide a standard and approved set of criteria against which to evaluate all digital products.

What is TL SET?
TL SET is a security editing tool that automates security specification methodology, making it easier and faster to create a Security Target or a Protection Profile, while giving more reliable results. Eavily used by Trusted Labs consultants, this tool is also available to Trusted Labs customers and partners willing to develop in-house security specification capabilities for their products and services.

About Trusted Labs
Trusted Labs provides security consulting and evaluation services to leading telecom and transit operators, financial institutions, government/defence agencies, silicon vendors, card and terminal manufacturers, and standardization bodies worldwide. An expert in security for the components and devices involved in digital services – from mobile payment to e-ticketing; from identification to access control – Trusted Labs also helps customers imagine, design and deploy their new services. With an intimate knowledge of embedded systems security and a strong innovation capability, Trusted Labs can integrate the latest research breakthroughs to efficiently address complex industrial issues, from security analysis to certification.