SENA Technologies Rolls Out Parani-SD1000 Bluetooth Serial Adapter

SENA Technologies, Inc. (SENA) announces the release of new Bluetooth serial adapter, Parani-SD1000. Parani-SD1000 is the latest release of the popular Parani-SD series Bluetooth-Serial adapter products from SENA, which have been widely used to build wireless M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication environment. Parani-SD1000 is an ideal solution to replace wired serial cabling system by using wireless Bluetooth technology. It supports latest Bluetooth Specification 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) which is more powerful and stable compared to previous Bluetooth standards. Thanks to Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, Parani-SD1000 consumes less power while improves data speed up to 3 times.

SENA Parani-SD1000 Bluetooth serial adapterParani-SD1000 also supports 2 types of rechargeable battery pack options – Standard & Extended. With these battery packs, mobility of the Parani-SD1000 is even more enhanced.

Parani-SD1000 also supports enhanced serial data speed up to 921.6kbps, and no external drivers or software required.

Parani-SD1000 is a perfect wireless solution for wide range of industries including, but not limited to, IT/Telco, retail/POS, industrial automation, building automation, medical automation, and etc.

About SENA Technologies
SENA Technologies is a leading M2M (Machine to machine) Solution Provider who manufactures Device Server product line that includes external, embedded, wireless and industrial device servers; and Industrial Bluetooth product line that includes Bluetooth serial adapters, Bluetooth serial modules and Bluetooth Access Points for device networking solution in the areas of IT/Telco, retail/POS, industrial automation, building automation, and medical automation. SENA markets its products through a global network of distributors, resellers, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).