Sans Digital Expands AccuRAID Direct Attached Rackmounts

Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, is expanding the AccuRAID complete line of direct attached rackmounts. These cost effective arrays range from 12-bay to 42-bay in 2U, 3U and 4U configurations, and are designed for enterprise storage needs. In addition to the previous SCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces, the series now includes the latest SAS interface, providing flexible and economical solutions for file server and storage capacity expansions.

A lack of storage capacity is an obstacle IT professionals are constantly facing, and the AccuRAID series helps solve this issue. The rackmounts support the latest 1.5TB hard drive, with capacities ranging from 18TB to 63TB. They could be easily configured into JBOD or RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50 or 60 to achieve data in various forms of redundancy suitable for assorted environments. To further protect the stored data, the arrays are designed with modularized redundant cooling fans and power supplies for high availability. With user friendly features such as embedded web-based administration interface with system event log and e-mail notification, front panel LCD display and SNMP support, the AccuRAID series requires minimal maintenance and is designed with easy management in mind.

Rackmounts with SAS interfaces are the latest addition to the AccuRAID series. The 12-bay AR212SX and 16-bay AR316SX arrays utilize SAS interfaces to SATA II hard drives, where as the AR212X and AR316X utilize SAS interfaces and support SAS or SATA hard drives. SAS drives are faster in performance, where as SATA drives are cost-effective with higher capacities, allowing users to choose the most suitable solution to meet their storage demands. The included Mini-SAS ports utilize SAS expanders, allowing the possibility of expansions where one RAID head-unit could lead up to five JBOD boxes. JBOD units (such as AS212X and AS316X) could be attached to the RAID head unit in a tree-like structure to establish a single multi-terabyte RAID capable volume, saving users the cost of purchasing additional RAID units. With online migration, online expansion, hot swappable features, in combination with SAS expander, the AccuRAID series is designed with a long life cycle and could be expanded when needed.

“The low integration costs of Sans Digital arrays are critical to building a suitable infrastructure while staying within budget,” stated Grandy Chen, Sans Digital’s President. “The AccuRAID series is versatile and feature-rich, appropriate for data intensive applications requiring large storage volumes.”

About Sans Digital
Sans Digital is a brand of high capacity, multi-functional advanced storage products. Sans Digital offers hot-swappable JBOD and RAID products for direct attached storage, network attached storage, and storage area network. Sans Digital’s single unit towers are designed with mobility in mind to be used in a personal and home environment, while its rackmounts are widely popular in enterprise settings. Sans Digital is a storage solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions across the world.