Adeneo Ports .NET Micro Framework 3.0 to Atmel AT91SAM9261-EK ARM9

Adeneo, a Microsoft Windows Embedded Gold Partner with facilities in Europe and the USA, announced at the Embedded System Conference Boston 2008 the release of a .NET Micro Framework 3.0 port for the Atmel AT91SAM9261-EK ARM9-based Evaluation Kit. The .NET Micro Framework is a Microsoft platform for small, resource-constrained devices that enables fast development of embedded systems that are smart, securely connected, and easier to manage. With version 3.0, the.NET Micro Framework now includes features such as native code interoperability, as well as support for block storage devices, file systems, and touch screens.

In addition, the Adeneo port also features support for Microsoft SideShow, allowing exciting new solutions to be developed based on this Windows Vista-compatible technology.

The Adeneo port extends the reach of C# and .NET to many microcontrollers to provide great productivity developing small embedded devices. This port, combined with Adeneo engineering services for the .NET Micro Framework, brings new opportunities for OEMs addressing Building/Home automation, Medical, Industrial, and other embedded markets with stringent memory and power consumption requirements.

Adeneo also provides custom designs and complete source code to client companies, including assistance in becoming a Microsoft porting partner.

“We have been, for many years now, Atmel’s historical development partners for Windows Embedded CE,” says Yannick Chamming’s, General Manager of Windows Embedded activity at Adeneo, and CEO of Adeneo America. “This new field of co-operation with the release of the .NET Micro Framework 3.0 ports for Atmel AT91SAM platforms reinforces our working relationship and confirms our position as a provider of strong and reliable solutions to OEMs using Microsoft embedded technologies.”

Alfredo Vadillo, Atmel’s Managing Director for ARM microcontrollers, commented, “Developing an embedded application under tight memory constraints is difficult. Adeneo’s .NET Micro Framework port and the support that they provide will make this development easier. It also reduces the development costs and time to market for an important sector of our client base.”

“In porting the latest version of the .NET Micro Framework onto the NXP processors, Adeneo is helping our customers to quickly develop next-generation consumer applications,” said Colin Miller, product unit manager for the .NET Micro Framework at Microsoft Corp. “By offering version 3.0 of the platform, along with system integration and support services, Adeneo strengthens Microsoft’s embedded presence across an increasingly broad range of embedded applications.”

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About Adeneo
Adeneo is a leading provider of complete hardware and software custom designs with consulting, engineering, equipment and manufacturing capabilities. Adeneo offers a complete line of systems integration services in hardware and software engineering on ARM and x86 based embedded technologies in various ecosystems, including but not limited to Industrial, Medical, Aeronautics, Enterprise, Military, Mobile and Consumer markets. With a strong emphasis on embedded and real-time development technologies and with 10 years of experience in Windows Embedded solutions including Windows Embedded CE, Windows Mobile and .NET Micro Framework, and thanks to relationships with industry leading silicon vendors and Microsoft, Adeneo is the key industry partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting rich-featured high end products. Its facilities located around the globe in Europe, Asia, and North America bring strong local support to its customers worldwide. Adeneo was named Systems Integrator of the Year by Microsoft in 2007, and Training Partner of the Year in 2008.

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