Embedded Planet to Design Standards+ 10G Ethernet Switching Platform

Embedded Planet, a leader in computer and embedded systems solutions, announced it was selected to design a unique “Standards+” 10G Ethernet Switching Platform for Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI), a leading systems integrator and professional services company specializing in Federal Government work. Embedded Planet was selected because of its Standards+ approach to design that integrates standards, COTS components and custom design for high performance, low cost solutions in a fraction of the time required for custom design.

“Embedded Planet is a critical piece to CSCI bringing the next generation in networking hardware to the forefront,” said CSCI CEO Linda LaRoche. “We look forward to a long-lasting relationship and tremendous success together.”

Initially the systems integrator sought Embedded Planet’s AdvancedTCA (ATCA)/PowerPC expertise and ability to create custom solutions with the intention of building each board from the ground up. After studying the trade-offs of a fully custom vs. a completely ATCA standards-based design, Embedded Planet recommended a design that combined COTS devices and the ATCA platform, with a mixture of design re-use and customization.

The design includes three network interface Advanced Mezzanine Cards, a single ATCA 10G Ethernet switching blade, one ATCA network interface card, and one four-slot full height AMC carrier card. By applying the Standards+ approach, Embedded Planet will improve port density and backplane bandwidth to meet customer requirements, while leveraging standard ATCA components to accelerate time to market and improve reliability.

“This win underscores the effectiveness of our Standards+ approach to bringing high performance solutions that dramatically speed final development and production times and fully meet our customers’ performance goals,” said Embedded Planet President and CEO Mark Lowdermilk.

Standards are a powerful tool for organizations of all sizes, supporting innovation and increasing productivity. Yet, standards also have drawbacks. They can be inflexible and force manufacturers to make products a certain way when other options are just as good, and compliance can mean adding features that go beyond the needs of some users. Embedded Planet leverages a unique design process, Standards+, resulting in solutions that conform to basic standards, but go beyond to deliver the exact performance and features required by each OEM without adding to the cost and complexity of design.

“The past ten years have been a time of radical change. Technology advances have come at a staggering pace and customers are demanding more — faster,” added Lowdermilk. “We believe that Standards+ design is the vehicle needed to create feature-rich, revenue-producing customer solutions at the speed of change.”

About CSCI
Founded in 1987, Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI) is a woman-owned, highly specialized systems integration, professional services and hardware development firm that delivers advanced technologies and proven results to the U.S. government and commercial entities. CSCI’s corporate headquarters is located in Springfield, Va. CSCI also has a presence in multiple locations with a client base that includes: the Office of the Secretary of Defense; Secretary of Navy; Joint Chiefs of Staff; the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army; and various Research Labs and Government Agencies.

About Embedded Planet
Embedded Planet is the pioneer of the Design, Develop, Deploy process for embedded systems engineering that allows designers to take advantage of production-tested, reusable product designs in all phases of system development, significantly reducing time to market, project risks, and development costs. The company offers integrated single board computer and embedded hardware, software and systems solutions including standard off the shelf single board computer products, embedded operating systems, and full custom design and intellectual property solutions. Embedded Planet’s customers are comprised of market leaders who rely on the company to provide a wide range of form factors including: Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC) for use in AdvancedTCA (ATCA) and MicroTCA systems, PrPMC cards for use in CompactPCI systems, PC-104, PCI-104, and Computer-on-Module (COMs).