Aeroflex Announces TM500 TD-LTE Test Mobile

Aeroflex has launched the TM500 TD-LTE test mobile designed to support Time Division Duplex for 3G LTE (TD-LTE). Complementing Aeroflex’s highly successful TM500 LTE-FDD for 3G LTE Frequency Division Duplex, which has been successfully deployed worldwide since 2007, the TM500 TD-LTE test mobile is designed to enable infrastructure equipment vendors match the demanding timescales for TD-LTE trials in China.

Aeroflex TM500 TD-LTE Test MobileThe new TM500 TD-LTE’s extensive Layer 1, Layer 2 and higher layer test features make it an indispensable testing peer that provides complete visibility even into the lowest layers of the radio modem by generating the detailed diagnostic data needed for engineers to verify the required functionality and optimise network operation and performance. With support for MIMO, handover testing, 20MHz channel bandwidths and 150Mbit/s downlink data rates, it will enable comprehensive development and test support of basestation and network infrastructure for the next generation of Chinese mobile technology. The TM500 TD-LTE can co-exist in the same unit as the TM500 LTE-FDD protecting investment and maximising test flexibility for engineers working on both standards.

Aeroflex will provide full in-country support for the TM500 TD-LTE so that technical questions and integration issues can be dealt with in Chinese and Aeroflex engineers can get on-site quickly, if needed, without having to fly in from Europe or the USA.

“LTE presents R&D engineers with new challenges, including a new system architecture, radio technology and high data rates,” said Stephen Hire, director of marketing for Aeroflex Asia. “Aeroflex is the industry leader in test mobiles and has extensive experience of delivering various versions of the TM500 going back many years. Specifically for 3G LTE, many infrastructure equipment vendors have been successfully developing, testing and demonstrating LTE Frequency Division Duplex mode using the TM500 test mobile, since 2007.”

The TM500 TD-LTE will be available for customer shipment in late 2008. It will be available both as a standalone unit and as an upgrade to existing TM500 LTE-FDD systems.

About LTE
LTE (Long Term Evolution) lies on the 3GPP GSM evolutionary path beyond 3G HSDPA/HSUPA and is designed to provide increased data speeds at a lower cost per data bit compared to 3G. It targets data rates in excess of 100Mbps over the downlink and 50Mbps over the uplink when operating in the 20MHz spectrum allocation, climbing to peak rates of 300Mbps in the downlink for the highest category UEs. LTE technology will also ensure high performance for speeds up to 120km/h and mobility support across the cellular network for speeds up to 350km/h. As well as higher data rates, wide-area coverage is also being targeted. The throughput, efficiency and mobility targets must be met for 5km cells through to 30km cells and up to 100km cells. Reduced latency is also being addressed with a target for data-plane latency less than 5ms in unloaded conditions with small IP packets.

About Aeroflex
Aeroflex Incorporated is a global provider of high technology solutions to the aerospace, defence, cellular and broadband communications markets. The Company’s diverse technologies allow it to design, develop, manufacture and market a broad range of test, measurement and microelectronic products. Aeroflex Incorporated was founded in 1937 and today has more than 2,600 employees worldwide.

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