Nexcom Launches VTC6000 In-Vehicle Telematic Computer

Nexcom, the industrial embedded computer company, announces an innovative fanless in-vehicle computer, the VTC 6000. The VTC 6000 is designed for use in any car, truck, bus, train, or even for maritime applications. Featuring the Intel® Atom[tm] processor, the VTC 6000 is more compact and consumes extremely low power to optimize system reliability. Other stunning features for in-vehicle operations are power ignition delay control, extended temperature from -22~140°F, and GPS wireless network.

Nexcom VTC6000 In-Vehicle Telematic Computer with Intel Atom processorGPS/ GSM/ GPRS/ CDMA wireless network offers logistic manager with real-time data collection and efficient fleet communication. The built-in G sensor provides dispatchers with visibility of vehicle safety and automatic monitoring. Transportation and logistics providers will find that the VTC 6000 enhances real-time connectivity and increases overall productivity.

New VTC 6000 guarantees a high level of safety and lifecycle of the vehicle: its 8-level power ignition delay control which is selectable for boot-up & shut-down voltage for power protection. S3 & S4 Suspend mode is built in for power saving when the system is in idle. In addition, the VTC6000 is built to withstand the harsh road conditions with anti-vibration and anti-shock mechanisms. This innovative design allows your fleet to roam between temperatures from -22 to 140F – from Alaska’s icy fields to Arizona desert. The VTC 6000′s high cost efficiency and slim fan-less design makes it an ideal tool for 24/7 operation with low maintenance.

The VTC 6000 not only meets industrial mission-critical requirements but also provides versatile functions for mobile workers. With Integrated SMBus, the VTC600 provides compatibility with most I2C devices for external module connections (e. g, battery charger, thermal sensors and G sensors). The VTC 6000 also supports multiple display connections with VGA, TV-out and LVDS. Two mini PCIe and one PCI-104 expansion slots enable to adapt off-the-shelf modules. The VTC 6000 offers an open platform that allows logistic managers to select and control applications and peripherals that best meet their business needs.


  • In-vehicle Telematics Control
  • Real-Time Transportation Fleet Dispatch Management
  • In-vehicle Signage
  • Automated vehicle location system
  • Advanced driver information system
  • Emergency message system
  • In-vehicle entertainment hub
  • In-vehicle control and system monitor

VTV6000 Product highlights:

  • Build-in Intel® Atom[tm] processor with US15W chipset
  • Availability of GSM/ GPRS/ CDMA/ HSDPA/ GPS/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth
  • Power ignition on/off delay control
  • Wide voltage acceptance(6V~36V) for low-power protection
  • 1x PCI-104 expansion slot, 2x Mini PCIe, 3x USB, 1x GPIO (4 input &4 output)
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Multiple display interface connections (VGA, TV-out and LVDS)
  • External smart battery back-up support
  • e13 Mark, CE, FCC B certification

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