Avalue Rolls Out EAX-Q35, ERX-Q35 Industrial ATX Motherboards

Following the latest establishment of an industrial motherboard (IMB) product division, Avalue is bringing a full line of industrial motherboards to customers. Additionally, newly revealed strong scalable industrial ATX motherboard products, EAX-Q35 and ERX-Q35, are powered by a LGA775 Intel® Core[tm]2 Quad processor with a 800/1066/1333MHz front side bus, and support the Intel® Q35 and ICH9DO chipsets.

Avalue EAX-Q35 and ERX-Q35 Industrial ATX Motherboards“Incorporating the latest quad-core processing technology, the EAX-Q35/ERX-Q35 provides scale up CPU performance. And compared to the ex-Q965 chipset, the Intel® Q35 chipset enables a 50% reduction in power consumption, with a thermal design power of only 13.5W. It makes for a very suitable with small form factor computing design, including an interactive terminal, print imaging, and digital video recorder (DVR) and network security,” said Harris Chen, Avalue’s IMB Product Division manager.

With onboard, the trusted platform module facilitates data protection ability. Four 240-pin DDR2 DIMM sockets have a maximum memory capacity of up to 8GB. The lower power ATX motherboard also features excellent graphics performance with the integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100, and a PCI Express x16 slot supports dual view DVI/HDMI add cards. Extra DI/O provides rich flexibility on a controlling interface. Therefore, the EAX-Q35/ERX-Q35 offers ideal performance for multifunctional multimedia applications, such as gaming machines, point of service systems, and kiosks.

The EAX-Q35/ERX-Q35 provides 12 USB 2.0 ports and six serial ATA II ports. The ATX motherboard also offers an Intel® 82566DM Gigabit Ethernet controller and a Realtek RTL8111B Gigabit Ethernet controller to provide perfect networking connectivity on data transfer speed.

Manager Chen emphasized that Avalue IMB offers a small quantity of customization orders and custom-made service of BIOS and embedded operating systems, especially for gaming machines, as well as provides three- to five-year longevity components support for surveillance and security systems. Putting quality first, Avalue products are produced to strict quality control standards regardless of whether customers choose standard models, project-based boards or completely tailor-made solutions to meet their needs.

EAX-Q35 Features

  • Supports 45nm Intel® Core[tm]2 Quad Series Processors
  • Intel® Q35 + ICH9DO Chipset
  • Four DIMMs up to 8 GB 2-CH DDR2 800 SDRAM, non-ECC
  • Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100
  • Realtek ALC888 Supports 5.1 + 2-CH Dual Audio Streams
  • Dual Realtek RTL8111C Gogabit LAN
  • 1 PCI-E x16, 1 PCI-E x1, 5 PCI
  • 4 x COM (5/12V), 12 x USB, 6 x SATAII
  • TPM 1.2, 16-bit DIO, 6W AMP
  • Product Infomation: www.avalue.com.tw/products/EAX-Q35.cfm

ERX-Q35 Features

  • Supports 45nm Intel® Core[tm]2 Quad Series Processors
  • Intel® Q35 + ICH9DO Chipset
  • Four DIMMs up to 8 GB 2-CH DDR2 800 SDRAM, non-ECC
  • Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100
  • Realtek® ALC888 Supports 7.1-CH Multiple Audio Streams
  • 1 PCI-E x16, 1 PCI-E x1, 2 PCI 2.3
  • LSI FW 3227 Supports 2 IEEE1394 Ports
  • Onboard TPM 9635TT1.2
  • Product Infomation: www.avalue.com.tw/products/ERX-Q35.cfm


  • Gaming
  • Print Imaging
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Network Security

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