Sonics Releases OCP Library for Verification

Sonics Inc., a premier supplier of system-on-chip (SoC) SMART Interconnect solutions, announced the general availability of the Sonics OCP Library for Verification (SOLV). Core designers are using the SOLV package for debugging, performance tuning and validation of complex intellectual property (IP) cores using OCP interfaces. The SOLV package includes Sonics SVA OCP Checker, OCP disassembler (ocpdis2) and OCP performance analyzer (ocpperf2). Together, this suite of tools enable validation of OCP socket interfaces and the analysis of their performance.

The Sonics SVA OCP Checker validates OCP sockets for protocol compliance during simulation and generates OCP trace files for use by post-processing tools. The tool enables users to quickly and efficiently identify OCP protocol violations at each socket. Full OCP protocol compliance checking ensures that the macro blocks interconnected are free from communication defects. The checker supports the full set of protocol compliance checks as defined by the OCP-IP community.

The OCP disassembler (ocpdis2) allows the display of OCP connection activity in a convenient, readable, report format. The data captured during simulation can be used to understand traffic conditions in the design.

The ocpperf2 processes ocpdis2-produced trace files to measure the performance of OCP transfers and burst transactions. Using this information, a designer can individually tune OCP socket performance to balance the on-chip traffic for any given application.

“Sonics is committed to helping our customers improve the quality and performance of their designs,” said Ray Brinks, vice president of engineering at Sonics, Inc. “SOLV addresses universal needs of core designers. We are seeing a large interest in this package across vertical industries.”

“The issues and challenges surrounding verification in multicore design are many, and from its inception OCP has been designed and evolved to ease some of these challenges,” said Ian Mackintosh president and chairman of OCP-IP. “We are extremely pleased to see Sonics leverage its extensive expertise to assist OCP users increasing the quality and performance of their designs.”

About Sonics
Sonics Inc. supplies critical semiconductor intellectual property for SoCs. Its customers see the benefits of high design predictability and increased design efficiency. Sonics solutions address the growing complexity found in consumer products with voice, data and video features. Major semiconductor and systems companies including Broadcom, Samsung, Texas Instruments and Toshiba leverage Sonics’ technology in leading products in the wireless, digital multimedia and communications markets.

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