RF Engines Comments on EE Times FPGA User Survey

RF Engines Limited (RFEL), who specialise in high performance signal processing design work, has added its weight to the latest EE Times survey that reveals the increasing dominance of FPGAs over cell-based ASICs and structured arrays. The FPGA User Survey was conducted by EE Times, Piper-Jaffray and the FPGA Mission Assurance Centre at Sandia National Labs, and the full report will be available in late October.

The survey also highlights the prevalence of project delays in excess of 30 days, with the key factors being cited as FPGA skill shortages, and the dissatisfaction with design tools in routing and timing estimation due to the increasing complexity of systems design.

“The soaring costs of ASIC NRE means that FPGAs are now a viable option not only for small product runs but also for larger numbers, and this trend’s increasing all the time,” commented John Summers, RFEL’s CEO. “However, EDA design tools haven’t kept pace. We often find that companies start a project only to find out in the end that the tools run out of steam when it comes to complex high speed designs. Because we deal with all the complex issues of how to get the best performance out of the architecture on a day-to-day basis and have a team of over 20 specialist engineers who’ve been doing this sort of work for many years, we’re pretty good at addressing these risk areas. We’ve some of the leading FPGA design engineers in Europe and this expertise means that we can also ensure that the end design is optimised for performance, power consumption and speed, which you just can’t achieve with off-the-shelf tools alone.”

RFEL works with leading companies around the world to develop solutions mainly involving high performance DSP on FPGAs that include a number of their own award-winning, patented techniques. These solutions are used across a broad range of defence, communications and security applications, from hand held RF scanners to major communications systems.

Further details on the survey can be found at www.eetimes.eu/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=211200263&cid=NL_eeteu

RF Engines
RF Engines Limited (RFEL) is a UK-based electronic systems designer, providing high specification signal processing solutions for FPGAs, as well as receiver and complete product solutions for the homeland security, defence, communications and instrumentation markets. Applications include communications base stations, satellite communications systems, test and measurement instrumentation, and bespoke wideband receivers/transceivers.