3DSUG Announces Keynote Speaker for 3DS Users Group Conference

The 3DS Users Group (3DSUG) announced Dr. Paul Jacobs will be the keynote speaker at the 2009 Annual 3DSUG Conference to be held March 15-19, 2009 at the Hilton Daytona Beach Florida. Dr. Jacobs will address the 3DS Users Group March 16, 2009. Dr. Jacobs currently works as a consultant to the rapid prototyping and direct manufacturing industries. He is well known for authoring the book Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing: Fundamentals of StereoLithography which was published in 1992.

Dr. Paul Jacobs started his career with 3D Systems Corporation in 1989 becoming the Director of Research and Development. Dr. Jacobs, along with his peers, developed and perfected processes like AccuMax® for accuracy and machine calibration plus build styles such as WEAVE®, STAR-WEAVE®, ACES®, and QuickCast®. Dr. Jacobs has many patents in the Stereolithography arena as well as many accolades for his work in the development and implementation of the various Stereolithography processes and applications.

“As Chairperson of the 2009 3DSUG, I am pleased that Dr. Paul Jacobs will be the keynote speaker to kick off our Conference,” said 3DSUG Chairperson Brian Bauman. “Dr. Jacobs’ presentations are always educational and inspiring and hope everyone can make it to the 2009 meeting to hear Dr. Paul Jacobs speak.”

2008 marked the 20th anniversary of the annual 3DS Users Group Conference. The 3DSUG is noted for unveiling some of the most advanced and innovative uses of SLA®, SLS® and 3D Printing systems in the industry. Over 500 3D Systems Users are expected to attend the 2009 3DSUG event.

Industry Service Announcement
Registration for the 2009 Annual 3DSUG Conference is now available online. 3D Systems equipment users, 3DSUG sponsors and vendors can visit www.3dsug.org to register online, call Guy Bourdeau at (803) 438-7701 or email treasurer@3dsug.org for more information.

About 3DS Users Group
3DSUG is a professional network of manufacturing engineers, industrial designers, product development specialists, SLA and SLS technicians. 3DSUG members are owners and operators of 3D Systems Corporation equipment who exchange technical information to help steer the direction of 3D Systems hardware and software development. The organization’s annual users group conference provides a forum for the presentation of new technologies related to the operation of 3D Systems equipment and the secondary or final applications of parts and tools made from 3D Systems equipment. Sponsors of the 2008 3DSUG Users Group Conference include DSM Somos, Huntsman, NCP Leasing, Integra Services International, Solid Concepts, Curbell Plastics, National RP Support, RapidTech, Spectrum3D, Materialise Software, Paramount PDS, Applied Rapid Technologies, 3D Systems Corporation, Met-L-Flo, Valspar, Laser Reproductions, AIN Plastics, CreaForm, Bolt’s Engraving, FineLine Prototyping, DPSS Lasers, Innovative Polymers, RPDG, Ramco, BJB Enterprises, BuyCastings.com, Acu-Cast Technologies, Clemco, CadmiumCD, Prototype Productions Incorporated, RePliForm, VacuCoat, Invest Cast and Rapid Sheet Metal. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the 3DSUG.

About Dr. Paul Jacobs
Dr. Paul Jacobs is Vice President of R&D of LFI Inc in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Previously Dr. Paul Jacobs worked for 3D Systems in Valencia, CA as Director of R&D. There, he developed much of the theoretical basis of stereolithography and also directed the R&D team that significantly improved User Part and prototype accuracy. In 1992 he served as primary author of the first text in the field, “Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing: Fundamentals of Stereolithography” published by SME. In 1996 he also wrote “Stereolithography and Other RP&M Technologies”, published jointly by SME and McGraw-Hill. One of the original developers of the QuickCast process, Dr. Jacobs and Tom Mueller were awarded the Dick Aubin Distinguished paper award in 2005 by SME. Paul Jacobs received a BS in mechanical engineering from Union College in 1960, and an MS, MA, and Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University in 1963 and 1966.

About 3D Systems Corporation
SLA®, SLS®, AccuMax®, WEAVE®, STARWEAVE®, ACES®, and QuickCast® are all registered trademarks of 3D Systems Corporation.