Quickfilter Announces Blue Mojo Wireless Headset Reference Design

Wireless stereo headset suppliers can now get their future Bluetooth-based models to market faster with a reference design from Quickfilter Technologies, Inc. This Quickfilter reference design (Blue Mojo) combines the company’s QF1D512 SavFIRe[tm] (Simple and versatile FIR engine) with a CSR Bluetooth BlueCore[tm]5 Multimedia chip to enable high quality, low-power audio in stereo sound with reduced system costs. Virtually all future Bluetooth-based stereo headset models can be based on this Quickfilter reference design.

Quickfilter Blue Mojo Board“The BlueCore5-Multimedia chip is able to produce low-power audio in stereo sound and our QF1D512 enables the implementation of very complex equalization filters which greatly enhance the quality of that sound. Using the QF1D512, the BlueCore5-Multimedia chip is relieved of the computational requirements for digital filtering and, with the use of our Quickfilter Pro software, custom equalization filters can be implemented in minutes instead of the days or weeks required for traditional approaches, thereby improving the time to market for the customer,” said Tony Valentino, Quickfilter Technologies COO.

The reference design includes all software necessary to support A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile), as well as the standard Headset and Hands-free Profiles. The software stack provides a fully Bluetooth v2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)-compliant system for audio and data applications. In addition, the application extends the standard profile functionality with the following features:

  • A call to the last number dialed can be initiated from the Headset (listed as optional in the Hands-free Profile)
  • Voice recognition on the Audio Gateway (AG) can be activated from the Headset (listed as optional in the Hands-free Profile)
  • On link loss the Headset automatically attempts to reconnect the Service Level Connection (SLC) to the last AG to which it was connected (listed as optional in the Hands-free Profile)
  • The audio volume control can be set from the AG as well as from the Headset (listed as optional in the Hands-free and Headset Profiles)
  • Sniff mode is supported whenever the Headset has an established connection (not listed in the supported profiles)
  • The Headset can play arbitrary tones, such as ring tones and warning beeps (not listed in the supported profiles)
  • The Headset can display arbitrary LED flash patterns to indicate different states (not listed in the supported profiles)
  • MPEG-1, 2 Audio decoder is supported, if enabled (listed as optional in the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
  • AACAAC+ Audio decoder is supported, if enabled (listed as optional in the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
  • CSR’s low-latency Faststream Audio encoderdecoder is supported, if enabled

The BlueCore5-Multimedia chip is part of the CSR family of single-chip ICs for 2.4GHz Bluetooth systems. It offers best in-class audio quality, power consumption and radio performance, making it ideal for high-quality mono and stereo Bluetooth headset designs. In the Blue Mojo reference design, this processor, combined with the unmatched filtering performance of the Quickfilter QF1D512 SavFIRe, achieves even higher audio quality and performance.

Announced in September 2006, the QF1D512 SavFIRe allows systems designers to quickly and easily add precision digital filtering to an application. The chip can simply be added between an existing analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and the host controller (microcontroller, microprocessor, digital signal processor or field programmable gate array), or can be connected as a co-processor device for controllers with embedded ADCs.

The CSR BlueCore5-Multimedia chip is available today in production quantities.

About Quickfilter Technologies
Quickfilter Technologies, Inc utilizes patent pending techniques for implementing a programmable IC that allows an engineer to design a custom circuit for signal processing without the cost and complexity of programming a DSP. Using the Quickfilter solution, it is possible to create and begin operating a custom four-channel analog front end, digital converter and multi-stage digital filter in less than five minutes. Quickfilter’s products are ideally suited for sensors in industrial monitoring and control, medical equipment, homeland security, and engine control applications. The Quickfilter solution comprises over a dozen individual component functions, both analog and digital, into a single integrated circuit (IC) that is programmable using Quickfilter software. This enables customer to rapidly complete a design at significantly lower cost and higher performance. In addition, the IC can be reprogrammed in circuit during design, at the time of shipment or in the field. Quickfilter Technologies Inc. is a private equity funded fabless semiconductor company founded in 2003 by Bob Silco and located in Allen, Texas. The company is developing a family of programmable mixed-signal integrated circuits that convert noisy analog signals into clean, usable digital signals.

BlueCore is a trademark of CSR. SavFIRe is a trademark of Quickfilter Technologies, Inc.