3L, Lyrtech Team on Integrated Diamond Multiprocessor Tool Suite

3L, a leading provider of multiprocessor design software, announced a new partnership with signal processing specialist Lyrtech Inc. Under the deal, Lyrtech’s customers can access a custom version of 3L’s Diamond multiprocessor tool suite that has been tightly integrated with Lyrtech hardware solutions. Optimized for combining multiple DSP/ FPGA/ microprocessor components, Diamond is extremely powerful in generating efficient multiprocessor applications.

Designers using 3L Diamond benefit from a development environment that is easy-to-use, flexible and scalable across large multiprocessor systems. By using Diamond, designers can leverage 3L and Lyrtech’s hardware integration and focus more effort on adding value to their application code. Code is organized as a number of independent, communicating tasks, and via Diamond’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) housekeeping such as loading multiple DSP and FPGA components and organizing communication between tasks are handled automatically.

“Diamond’s flexibility and ease of use helps drive productivity and reduce the design time for complex multiprocessor applications,” said Martin Turgeon product manager — advanced development platforms division at Lyrtech. “By integrating Diamond with our SMQ boards we are able to offer our customers a hardware/ software solution that scales defense, telecommunications and industrial applications through supercomputing systems development.”

3L and Lyrtech have initially targeted their integration effort on Lyrtech’s SignalMaster Quad (SMQ) advanced development platform. Specifically designed to help develop and test DSP algorithms the SMQ features a combination of FPGA and DSP devices. The SignalMaster Quad is designed around two clusters of one Virtex® 4 LX FPGA and two TMS320C6416 DSPs. Each cluster can yield up to 16,000 MIPS/MMACS of DSP processing power and 48 GMACS of FPGA-based DSP processing power.

Key to Diamond’s success in the multiprocessor DSP/ FPGA market is its level of abstraction, shallow learning curve and integration with TI’s Code Composer StudioTM and Xilinx ISE tools. Diamond supports these design tools with a multiprocessor model and allows tasks to be moved between processing targets at any stage of the design flow. The net result is an efficient, coherent, reliable and flexible multiprocessor system design flow.

Commenting on the expansion of its hardware partnerships, 3L’s managing director Peter Robertson said, “Diamond is the dividend of 21 years research, development, customer deployment and feedback. We are delighted to be working with Lyrtech and helping their customers push the envelope of DSP/ FPGA multiprocessor design.”

3L Diamond for Lyrtech is available immediately.

About 3L
3L has been a leading provider of multiprocessor software development systems since 1987. Its Diamond multiprocessor tool suite is used by some of the world’s leading electronics companies for complex multiprocessor design targeting DSP/FPGA/uP systems. It provides an easy to use, flexible environment where very high performance processing technologies can be quickly leveraged and applied to demanding signal processing applications. The Company services customers worldwide and has commercial presence across Europe, Asia, Australia Canada, USA India, Japan, Middle East, New Zealand, Russia and South Africa.

About Lyrtech
Lyrtech develops and manufactures advanced digital signal processing solutions for companies worldwide, a vital technology to network and wireless communications, audio and video processing, as well as electronic systems in all fields of technology. Lyrtech offers a full range of DSP-FPGA development platforms, as well as design, prototyping, and manufacturing of electronic products through its manufacturing division. Lyrtech works in partnership with industry leaders such as Texas Instruments, The MathWorks, and Xilinx. Lyrtech’s customers include many prestigious names of the consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, and defense fields.