CCS Debuts Load-n-Go Handheld Programmer, PRIME8 In-Circuit Programmer

CCS is excited to introduce the latest additions to the CCS programmer product line: Load-n-Go Handheld Programmer and PRIME8 In-Circuit Gang Production Programmer. The exploding popularity of Microchip PIC®MCUs used in a variety of small electronics products has driven the need for an easy to use, low-cost, flexible production grade programmer. CCS has developed a ICSP[tm] handheld programmer, Load-n-Go and PRIME8 a production In-Circuit Serial Programmer[tm] for PIC10, PIC12, PIC14, PIC16, PIC18 and PIC24 MCUs as well as dsPIC® DSCs.

The Load-n-Go is intended for use where a PC is not available or convenient. Running on 4 AA batteries, Load-n-Go is ideal for programming on the go and can also be powered via USB or 9V AC adapter. Up to four unique firmware versions can be saved to load-n-Go, each with a corresponding button to allow for quick and seamless programming of multiple targets. The device also offers 2MB Flash for storing up to four separate programs of 2 MB or less and a status LED to alert the user to an upload pass or fail. In addition Load-n-Go comes equipped with easy to use Programmer Control software and can be used as a debugger with CCS IDE compilers.

The efficient PRIME8 has eight In-Circuit Serial Programming[tm] jacks which enable high volume device programming by allowing up to eight targets to be programmed at once or individual targets to be selected. Non-technical users will find the PRIME8 to be user friendly with a LCD menu and control buttons standard on PRIME8 for stand-alone use. Additional features include verification of program status, enable individual targets, read the device ID, and serial numbering. The flexibility of PRIME8 allows for use of an SD card to eliminate the need for a PC at the point of programming. A user can access HEX files on an SD card or from the 2MB of internal memory. In addition, PRIME8 includes CSS Programmer Control software that allows the user to quickly step through the process of loading firmware, configuring target voltage and much more.

About Microchip Technology
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About CCS, Inc.
Custom Computer Services, Inc. is a leading embedded software company specializing in development tools for Microchip PIC® MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs. In addition to the C compiler, prototyping boards, and programmers, CCS offers custom engineering services and a line of embedded Ethernet devices. Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP) recognizes CCS, Inc. as a “Recognized Microchip Third-Party Tool Provider,” offering low cost, high function C Compiler solutions to engineering professionals, students/faculty, and hobbyists worldwide.

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