Aeroflex Offers DMR Option for 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set

Aeroflex has announced the release of a new option that enables the Aeroflex 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set to test and align a wide range of digital mobile radio (DMR) devices. DMR, a new digital radio format replacing analog private mobile radio (PMR), offers advanced communications features specified by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) technical standard 102-361. DMR technology is currently under development or being released by a number of OEM radio manufacturers and includes Motorola’s new MOTOTRBO[tm] technology.

Aeroflex DMR Option for 3900 Series Digital Radio Test SetDMR provides improved channel capacity and spectral efficiency compared to conventional FM and narrowband FM. Using a 12.5kHz channel, the DMR standard utilises 2-slot time division multiple access (TDMA) digital modulation to achieve effective channel bandwidths of 6.25kHz. This is a two to four time improvement in channel capacity, compared to conventional FM systems.

“The DMR test option for the Aeroflex 3900 Series provides fast transmitter tests, including the ability to easily analyze the complex parameters associated with digital modulation,” said Rob Barden, director of product marketing for Aeroflex. “These include conventional radio measurements such as power, frequency error and spectrum analysis, as well as advanced analysis for TDMA digital modulation analysis including modulation fidelity and TDMA burst profiles. These testing capabilities are not available in any other test set used in the land mobile radio industry. Only the Aeroflex 3920 Series provides DMR tests that meet the technical standard.”

In addition to transmitter tests, the Aeroflex 3920 Series supports DMR receiver testing with dedicated generator patterns for conducting digital sensitivity tests using Bit Error Rate (BER) measurements.

The 3900 Series is Aeroflex’s flagship platform for land mobile radio testing. It supports a number of today’s digital radio formats including AM, FM, P25, TETRA, HPD® and now DMR testing. A software defined test set, the Aeroflex 3900 Series is upgradeable in the field with simple software downloads. Options can be enabled quickly on site without the need to return the instrument to the factory.

The DMR option for the Aeroflex 3900 Series is available now.

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