Innovasic to Develop 80C186XL, 80C188XL Embedded Processors

Innovasic Semiconductor, a leader in extended life semiconductor solutions, announced engineering samples will be available Q2 2009 for the IA186XL and IA188XL. The IA186XL and IA188XL are form, fit, and function compatible with the original Intel® 80C186XL and 80C188XL 16-bit high-integration embedded processors, and are low power, fully static versions of the 80C186 and 80C188. The Innovasic version supports internal 20-33 MHz operation and is industrial temperature grade.

Innovasic Semiconductor 80C186XL Embedded ProcessorThe Innovasic processors have the same set of peripherals as the Intel® devices, including the standard numeric interface, interrupt control unit, chip-select unit/Ready Generation Logic, DRAM refresh control unit, power management unit, three 16-bit timer/counters, and two independent DMA channels.

The IA186XL and IA188XL are available in 68-Pin PLCC, 80-Pin PQFP, and 80-Pin LQFP RoHS compliant packages.

About Innovasic Semiconductor
Innovasic Semiconductor is focused on providing extended life semiconductor solutions for industrial, telecom, medical, automotive, and instrumentation applications. The company has established a world-class reputation for solving obsolescence problems by developing pin compatible integrated circuits that have been discontinued by the original manufacturer. In addition, Innovasic supplies extended life processors, peripherals and mixed-signal devices for use in the most demanding embedded communication and control applications. Extending the life of its customers’ products has made Innovasic a trusted partner and an approved supplier to leading electronic system manufacturers worldwide.