SCOPE Alliance Publishes Technical Position Paper

The SCOPE Alliance, an association of leading Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), announced the release of its new Technical Position Paper, The SCOPE Alliance – Influencing the Agenda. SCOPE members have developed a common reference architecture and understanding of open specifications to enable a vibrant carrier-grade base platform (CGBP) ecosystem. The Technical Position Paper provides commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) component vendors and industry organizations with a perspective on the SCOPE requirements for network elements, enabling them to better meet the NEPs’ needs.

“Since our inception in 2006, SCOPE has influenced the CGBP ecosystem by engaging with relevant organizations to improve industry specifications and with vendors to drive a robust ecosystem of COTS products,” said Paul Steinberg, SCOPE Alliance chairman. “With relevant technologies rapidly evolving, it’s virtually impossible for any single supplier to be best in class across all aspects of the CGBP. As NEPs, we need to be able to leverage a broad ecosystem of interoperable building blocks so that we can focus our development efforts on providing new and improved products.”

The Technical Position Paper describes the evolving changes to network architectures and the corresponding mandates of the telecom industry. It includes traditional carrier-grade requirements that ensure equipment is fit for running highly available services. Additionally, it explains the new requirements such as modularity, portability and hardware independence that emphasize speed of deployment and low operational costs.

In the paper, SCOPE also presents the Carrier Grade Platform Reference Architecture, which is widely cited by the telecom industry. SCOPE provides a detailed description of each of the components of the reference architecture and highlights its accomplishments in each area.

To date, SCOPE has focused on improving the CGBP and its related tools. The paper provides COTS vendors with a concise understanding of SCOPE’s technical output as well as highlights future areas of consideration.

“Our new paper provides the industry with a transparent look at our agenda for moving the needle towards a vibrant and rich ecosystem,” said Steinberg. “We will continue to provide guidance to component vendors and specification organizations in order to assist them in benefitting from a robust COTS ecosystem as well as to meet our own needs.”

About SCOPE Alliance
The SCOPE Alliance is an association of Network Equipment Providers aimed at accelerating the deployment of Carrier Grade Base Platforms for service provider applications. Its mission is to enable and promote the availability of open Carrier Grade Base Platforms based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software building blocks, and to promote interoperability to better serve Service Providers and consumers.