IAR Systems Announces STM32F103ZE Microcontroller KickStart Kit

IAR Systems has announced a complete development kit for STMicroelectronics new microcontroller STM32F103ZE. IAR KickStart Kit includes a development board fitted with the STM32F103ZE microcontroller, a KickStart edition of IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM®, evaluation editions of IAR PowerPac for ARM and IAR visualSTATE, and also includes J-Link for ARM mounted on the board.

STM32F103ZE is part of STMicroelectronics’ high-density performance line based on ARM-based 32-bit MCU, and features up to 512kB Flash, USB, CAN, 11 timers, 3 ADCs and 13 communication interfaces. It has a total of 144 pins, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including: motor drive and application control; medical and handheld equipment; PC peripherals, gaming and GPS platforms; industrial applications such as PLC, inverters, printers, and scanners; alarm systems, video intercom, and HVAC.

In addition to the STM32F103ZE device, the STM32F103ZE-SK development board features a comprehensive set of peripherals, including a stepper motor, three-axis accelerometer, SD/MMC card slot, I2S routed to speaker codec, a DAC with one channel routed to pin and an ADC routed to a potentiometer. Interfaces provided include a USB 2.0 full speed connector, CAN routed to three-pin terminal block, I2C and SPI1 both routed to UEXT, and two USART DB9 connectors. For debugging, a standard 20-pin JTAG/SWD interface connector and an ETM v3 Trace connector – as defined by ARM – are both provided, along with a J-Link-OB that is mounted on the evaluation board. External power is connected either via the J-Link or USB, with the mode selectable by a jumper.

Controls and indicators provided include: a status LED; a power supply LED; a reset button; an AN-TR potentiometer; colour LCD display; four user LEDs; two user buttons to simulate external events; one wake-up; a joystick; a prototype area; and a jumper for measuring power consumption from the controller. The board and its components are fully RoHS compliant.

“The STM32F103ZE is an extremely versatile and high performance ARM-powered device,” added Mats Ullström, Product Director at IAR Systems. “Using IAR Embedded Workbench and visualSTATE with the evaluation board will allow the developer to approach new applications using a familiar IDE, as well as being able to take advantage of a small footprint RTOS in the form of IAR PowerPac.”

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