EVT to Showcase Vertex Networked Video Recording Software at IFSEC

EVT, a developer of networked video management and recording software, will display the Vertex 1.05 networked video management and recording software at IFSEC India. The Vertex 1.05 now incorporates extended PTZ management and control features such as PTZ Control Overlay, PTZ Lock and PTZ User Priority management. These features enable improved control and administration of IP and Analog PTZ cameras, especially for large systems with many concurrent users.

The PTZ Control Overlay function is a natural add-on to the Vertex’s intuitive surveillance tools, including 2.5D Live Video Maps and Image Content Navigation (ICN) enabling continuous tracking of events and objects in large scale systems, without loosing eye contact with the moving object under observation.

With the intuitive PTZ Control Overlay function, the operator simply clicks the mouse cursor and moves it to the designated direction in the player. The mouse cursor will change into a direction arrow indicating the moving direction of the camera. Furthermore, the PTZ Control Overlay supports proportional PTZ speed by dragging the cursor away from the click point. With the PTZ Priority function, the system administrator can set priority levels for PTZ camera control ranging from one to 256. The PTZ Lock function allows the system administrator or high-ranking operator to lock the PTZ control of a camera from other operators while resolving an event.

“Our new Vertex 1.05 offers a wider range of PTZ management and control functions representing another step to being the most intuitive system in the market today,” said Oren Feldmann, VP Marketing and Sales EVT.

Since its introduction, Vertex has set the standard for video surveillance software in terms of usability, effectiveness and overall user experience. The Vertex is tailored to meet customers’ specific needs and its open architecture enables quick and easy integration of multi vendor equipment and technologies.

The Vertex’s intuitive user interface requires minimal training and allows security operators to easily monitor and manage numerous events in real time, with no need to remember camera location. The system utilizes 2.5D Live Video Maps for improved site perspective and navigation capabilities, reducing response time to security incidents and improving overall surveillance efficiency. This allows for efficient monitoring of the entire camera system by fewer operators, as well as faster training, leading to reduced operational costs. Moreover, Image Content Navigation (ICN) provides security operators with the means to continuously tail a moving object within a site of numerous cameras, enabling fast and simple event resolution in real time and in post event investigations.

SKJ Electronics Systems, EVT’s official distributor in India, will showcase the Vertex at IFSEC India, booth 1189, from October 16 – 18, 2008, in New Delhi.

About EVT
EVT, a developer of video management software, offers the security industry a fresh and unique approach to Networked Video Management based on extensive market studies, gathered from the world’s leading system integrators, as well as, solid software architecture based on purpose built in-house developed modules, breaking free from archaic concepts constraints. The company’s networked video recording systems, revolutionary Image Content Navigation GUI module and 2.5D live video maps offer easy to use, yet intelligent human interface software that enable better management and control of live and recorded video. EVT has a development center in Israel and sales offices and representatives globally serving a wide variety of corporations and government facilities.