Ocular Launches Cascade ARM9, Denali x86 HMI Systems

Ocular, Inc., a longtime leader in advanced display-centric LCD solutions for the embedded computing and communications marketplaces, has introduced two new lines of human/machine interface (HMI) systems featuring Ocular’s advanced display technology and x86 or ARM processors. Ocular’s Cascade line of HMI systems feature ARM9 processors while the Denali HMI systems offer x86 processors. Both HMI product lines also include Ocular’s Crystal Touch projected capacitive touch screens, a next-generation technology particularly well suited to embedded applications in harsh environments. In addition, Ocular can customize and/or ruggedize its HMI systems to meet unique application requirements.

“Over the last 22 years, we’ve become very good at producing high-quality display solutions. Now, with the way the embedded marketplace has evolved, we see that there is a need for advanced display systems with more intelligence and greater processing capabilities,” said Ben Kwong, CEO of Ocular. “This is a natural step up-market for Ocular. In fact, several of our current customers suggested we start making these types of HMI systems for them.”

Cascade ARM HMI Systems
The Cascade ARM-based HMI platforms are well suited to a variety of light industrial and home control applications. Resources include processor speeds ranging from 266 to 533 MHz, 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM, 128 MB of flash memory and a Crystal Touch capacitive touch screen that provides significantly improved durability and optical clarity for embedded applications. For easy integration with any type of network, the Cascade HMI platforms include a variety of communication options such as serial I/O, Ethernet, USB and wireless protocols. Enhanced full-color TFT displays are available in a variety of sizes.

The first two members of the Cascade HMI product line are the Cascade 4300 with a 4.3-in. TFT display and the Cascade 5700 which features a 5.7-in. TFT display in either QVGA (320×240) or VGA (680 x 480) resolutions.

Denali x86-based HMI Systems
Ocular’s high-end Denali HMI systems feature an x86 processor running at 1.0 GHz, with one gigabyte (GB) or more of RAM. Crystal Touch, Ocular’s innovative capacitive touch screen and an enhanced TFT display are also integrated into the Denali platforms. Industrial panel-mounted PCs and fully sealed enclosures for automotive and marine applications are also available. The Denali 7000 is a ruggedized Win CE platform specifically designed for hostile environments. Integrating a 7-in. WVGA TFT with Ocular’s Crystal Touch capacitive touch screen, the fully sealed enclosure meets the demanding SAE J1455 automotive specification for both low and high temperature while maintaining an attractive look and feel. The Denali 1040 is a panel PC for industrial environments. The 1040′s 1.0 GHz x86 processor can run any Windows or Linux operating system.

Customized and Ruggedized HMI Systems
Many of the system configuration features of the Cascade and Denali HMI systems, including screen size, memory, I/O interfaces ands, can be customized to match the precise requirements of any application. Moreover, Ocular can design and manufacture a custom, sealed enclosure and the appropriate touch screen technology for almost any application, including those that are deployed in the harshest environments.

Pricing and Availability
The Cascade and Denali HMI systems are available now. Pricing for minimally configured systems begins at $342.

About Ocular
With its headquarters and design center in Richardson, Texas, and four company-owned manufacturing facilities in China, Ocular has been developing, designing, and manufacturing advanced LCD technology, touch screens and display system solutions for more than two decades. Ocular’s new line of HMI platforms combines its core competencies of advanced LCD and touch screen technologies with robust embedded computing platforms to deliver highly cost-effective and user-configurable HMI solutions for a wide variety of applications. For more information about Ocular and its products and services, call (214) 635-2688 or fax (972) 437-2562.

Crystal Touch is a trademark of Ocular, Inc.