SDC Systems Announces Embedded Engineering Workshops

Embedded system tools and software company SDC Systems has announced that it is to run a series of embedded engineering workshops. The first of these will focus on the migration of software from a traditional RTOS to the Linux operating system. Working in conjunction with the leading realtime embedded Linux developer MontaVista Software, SDC Systems will hold the half-day seminar at Bracknell on the 4th November.

“Linux has proven itself in the engineering sector with up to one third of 32 and 64 bit designs now being based upon it, more than twice the share of any other embedded OS,” said Stuart Parker, Managing Director of SDC Systems. “However, most software engineers will consider the moving of a project to another operating system to be a daunting task, full of unknown issues. This workshop will highlight the challenges of moving to Linux and consider the options and strategies that are most appropriate to the nature of the project.”

While embedded Linux increasingly takes the place of traditional RTOSs, executives, and kernels, the architecture of the Linux operating system is very different from legacy OS architectures. Moreover, there exist more than one means to host legacy RTOS based applications on a POSIX-type OS like Linux. Several migration approaches will be covered during this workshop: RTOS API emulation over Linux, runtime partitioning with virtualisation and full native Linux application porting.

This workshop will give engineers an extensive understanding of the porting process and will include such issues as the mapping of legacy constructs onto Linux, inter-process communication and synchronisation, context switch implications, process and thread creation, the Linux API and POSIX support and making use of real time extensions. In addition to these points, the workshop will offer a critical analysis of the technical benefits of moving to a Linux based solution, so that engineers will be equipped to evaluate such a migration for their own projects.

The presenter for this seminar will be Klaas Van Gend from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Klaas has been professionally engaged in Linux software development for various companies including Philips and Siemens. In his current job as Senior Solutions Architect at MontaVista Software, he visits many customers across Europe and helps them with their strategy to apply Linux in embedded systems. Klaas also writes as a free-lance author for several magazines.

“We are very pleased to have Klaas presenting this workshop,” said Stuart. “Many UK engineers will have heard him speak before at embedded system events and will be aware of both his in depth knowledge of real-world software development and his entertaining style of presentation. It’s shaping up to be a great workshop.”

SDC Systems intend to present further workshops that address such topics as software testing and embedded graphical user interface development.

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