Code Red, WITTENSTEIN Integrate Red Suite with State Viewer

The new Red Suite[tm] v1.6.2 professional development environment, from Code Red, integrates WITTENSTEIN Eclipse based ‘State Viewer’ plug-in, delivering rapid board bring-up and simple debugging of RTOS based projects on Cortex[tm]-M3 and other new-generation 32-bit microcontrollers. The first demonstration of the enhanced capabilities of the Red Suite development environment will take place on Stand 413 on the MCU Launchpad at the ARM Developers Conference to be held in Santa Clara, USA, from the 7th to 9th October.

The latest version of Code Red’s proven Red Suite[TM] adds a range of advanced professional features and builds on its renowned quick start capability, enabling embedded developers to build and run FreeRTOS[TM] and OpenRTOS[TM] applications within 10 minutes using a simple dialog based wizard. The extension of the Eclipse based IDE to include WITTENSTEIN’s new RTOS ‘State Viewer’ plug-in, delivers enhanced kernel awareness and visualization of the task-switching performance of the RTOS for faster development and debugging.

Red Suite v1.6.2 also introduces other new high level features which support the latest 32-bit microcontrollers; a new Flash programmer uses Code Red’s high-speed FLASHing algorithms to enable rapid and flexible target programming of any file, whilst advanced run-control and tracing, through SWD, SWV, or JTAG, are provided by Red Trace through the Red Probe target link which is now shipping for $150.

According to John Rayfield, CEO of Code Red, “The collaboration between WITTENSTEIN and Code Red has created a low-cost, fully-integrated and stable development environment for rapid board bring-up. Such collaboration is crucial to provide developers with a coherent and rational development process.”

WITTENSTEIN’s Head of Sales and Marketing, David Brook commented, “The new generation of low-cost, powerful 32-bit architectures demand that software vendors lead innovation if developers are to successfully bring products to market. Open source tools and embedded components, underpinned by strong commercial support, will ensure longevity and broad adoption.”

Full commercial-use licenses for Red Suite development tools are available at $999 or $1149 including Red Probe.

Code Red Technologies Ltd. was established in 2006 to build innovative tools and technologies to accelerate the development of 32-bit microcontroller applications. The company has developed its own technology to create application code and provide unprecedented levels of visibility into runtime information of that code; its tools, which are available at a significantly lower cost than those previously available, enable embedded systems designers to get running with their applications in just minutes instead of weeks.

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems is a subsidiary of the German industrial technology group, WITTENSTEIN AG. The group employs over 1500 people worldwide and has a strong track record of technology innovation. WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems is based in the UK, and develops SafeRTOS[TM], a robust embedded kernel for use in Industrial, Medical and Aerospace applications which require certification.

FreeRTOS[TM] is an open source embedded project which has advanced RTOS implementations on more than 17 embedded architectures. In existence for more than 5 years its popularity has grown tremendously and it has recently reached a download rate of more than 7000 per month, making it one of the most widely used embedded operating systems in the world. The modified GPL license allows users to deploy applications without publishing their proprietary application code.

Red Suite and Red Trace are trademarks of Code Red Technologies Ltd. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.