Adeneo Releases Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP for NXP LPC3250 ARM9

Adeneo, a Microsoft Windows Embedded Gold Partner with facilities in Europe and in the USA, announced the full commercial release of the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 reference BSP for the LPC3250 ARM9[tm] processor-based microcontroller from NXP Semiconductors targeting consumer, entertainment, industrial, medical and automotive industries.

The LPC3250 ARM based microcontroller features a 266 MHz ARM926EJ[TM] core, 256 KB SRAM, Vector Floating Point (VFP), 24-bit LCD Controller, 10/100 Ethernet MAC, On-The-Go USB, and a large set of standard peripherals offering embedded designers the ability to reduce on-chip components and maximize power savings without sacrificing performance.

This BSP targets the LPC3250 development kit, a standard development platform from PHYTEC. It supports all key features of the LPC3250, including display, audio, touchscreen, USB, Ethernet, Serial, as well as support for Vector Floating Point and advanced Power Management Unit included in the chip.

A binary evaluation version is available for free, for testing and demonstration purpose. For OEMs willing to perform in depth evaluation and qualification of Adeneo BSP, a free 20 day evaluation of the source code is also available. Adeneo provides for commercial design the complete source code through an attractive one-time license that includes 90 days of free support and updates.

Yannick CHAMMING’S, General Manager of Windows Embedded activity at Adeneo, and CEO of Adeneo America says, “Adeneo is proud to release this new BSP for NXP ARM9 Microcontrollers. As the editor of the reference BSPs for LPC3180 and LH7A404 as well, Adeneo provides a complete range of Windows Embedded CE solutions for NXP platforms, along with a complete set of services including training, BSP driver and application development. OEMs can benefit from the expertise of our engineering team located both in Europe and North America to secure their designs in the best time to market.”

“The addition of the WinCE 6.0 BSP to the LPC3250 by Adeneo is a great opportunity for NXP”, said Geoff Lees, vice president, product line microcontrollers, NXP Semiconductors. “With the services offered by Adeneo our customers can develop next generation consumer applications with ease and bring them to market quickly.”

“Microsoft is proud to be working with Adeneo to help OEMs deliver innovative products to market faster,” said Valerie Olague, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager for Windows Embedded at Microsoft Corp. “”Windows Embedded CE 6.0′s complete portfolio of selectable OS components, combined with Adeneo’s proven BSP development capabilities, ensure OEMs the ability to quickly deliver smart, connected devices to market.”

Production-Quality OEM Adaptation Layer compliance for the easiest adaptation to custom designs – Because of its compliance with Microsoft PQOAL (Production-Quality OEM Adaptation Layer) and PQD (Production Quality Device) specifications, the LPC3250 BSP from Adeneo is the most cost-effective way to develop custom solutions using NXP Chipsets and Windows Embedded CE with the minimal redesign. Only the portions of the BSPs handling board features need to be reviewed and redesigned and all code linked to the core CPU can be reused without modifications.

Fully-featured to cover all customer applications – The BSP includes all the drivers for most of the peripherals integrated in LPC3250 chip, including Display, Touchscreen, Audio, Ethernet, USB, Serial, SPI, I2C, SDCard as well as key features of the chip such as advanced power management and Vector Floating Point support. This allows targeting all types of custom solutions.

Strong reliability to warrant the best quality – The BSP has been fully tested and qualified using the Windows Embedded CE official test kit (CETK) to ensure a complete reliability. This robust QA testing and validation process combined with support and maintenance provided by Adeneo to OEMs using this BSP allows warranting “Production Quality” level to OEMs using this reference BSP in their custom designs.

Adeneo is a leading design center in complete hardware and software custom design with consulting, engineering, equipment and manufacturing capabilities. Adeneo offers a complete line of systems integration services in hardware and software engineering on ARM and x86 core based embedded technologies in various ecosystems including but not limited to; Industrial, Medical, Aeronautics, Enterprise, Military, Mobile and Consumer markets. With a strong emphasis on embedded and/or real-time development technologies and with 10 years of experience in Windows Embedded solutions to include Windows Embedded CE, Windows Mobile and .NET Micro Framework, and thanks to its relationships with industry leading Silicon Vendors and Microsoft, Adeneo is the key industry partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting rich-featured high end products. Its facilities located around the globe in Europe, Asia, and North America brings strong local support to its customers on a worldwide aspect. Adeneo was named “Systems integrator of the year” by Microsoft in 2007 and “Training Partner of the year” in 2008.

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