MEMS 2008 Conference Panel Features iSuppli Analysts

The world of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) is heating up as these devices now are being integrated into everything from consumer electronics applications, to automotive applications, to alternative energy products. At the electronica 2008 World of MEMS event, held on Nov. 11-13 in Munich, Germany, Jérémie Bouchaud, director and principal analyst for MEMS at iSuppli, and Richard Dixon, Senior Analyst, MEMS, will be hosting five panel discussions covering the changing shape of the MEMS market and analyzing how influential these devices are becoming in the electronics industry.

Next big thing
“Nintendo’s Wii system and Apple’s iPhone are two successful and widely known applications where MEMS motion sensors have taken off,” Bouchaud said. “But can suppliers be successful in other areas, especially given the time-sensitive nature and pricing pressures? If so, what is the next big thing for MEMS?”

Bouchaud will discuss this topic along with representatives from STMicroelectronics, Analog Devices and Freescale Semiconductor on the opening day of the show on Nov. 11.

MEMS power
Could your next mobile device be powered by a MEMS-based technology? Alternatives are arising to batteries in portable devices, including micro-fuel cells using MEMS valves, micro-pumps and microfluidics devices and energy scavengers that convert ambient energy like vibration and heat into electricity. Beyond portable devices, such battery alternatives have strong potential as the power source in wireless sensors for automotive applications. Bouchaud along with Varta Microbatteries, EnOcean and Franhofer IIS will examine the exciting technology and market potential in these areas on the first day of this event.

Automotive growth
On Nov. 12, Dixon — along with Delphi Delco Electronics Europe, Infineon Technologies, Robert Bosch GmbH Automotive Electronics and Freescale Semiconductor — will examine the growing presence of MEMS in automobiles. Some modern cars have as many as 30 MEMS and the number is growing every year. How will India and China play a role in this market? What are the opportunities for newcomers in this market?

The next killer app for MEMS
More than 300 million MEMS microphones will ship in 2008. This is huge growth, considering the devices were introduced just five short years ago. RF MEMS are still going strong in the mobile market, but what’s the next application to take off? Micro-projectors in cell phones? MEMS oscillators? On day two of the event, Bouchaud, Photonic Microsystems IPMS, Infineon Technologies, Epcos and Silicon Clocks will uncover what opportunities are available and where this market is headed.

Mindful merging
On day three of the event, Bouchaud, Tronics Microsystems, Silex Microsystems and Philips Research will uncover how mergers, alliances and acquisitions are likely to impact the MEMS market in the next five years and what strategies will allow for companies to be better positioned in the future and to gain the most opportunity.

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