Abatron Debugging Tools Support RMI XLR, XLS Processors

Abatron AG announced that it has added full on-chip development support for RMI Corporation’s multi-core, multi-threaded XLR Processor® and XLS Processor[tm] Families. Abatron’s high-speed debugging tools provide a complete solution for board debug and application development. Abatron, AG, a privately held Swiss Company, develops and produces high quality, high-speed BDM and JTAG Debug Tools (BDI Family) and is making available the Abatron BDI3000 debugger tool through Ultimate Solutions, Inc. Also available through Ultimate Solutions is LinuxScope-JTD (JTAG Target Debugger), an Eclipse IDE GUI based tool optimized for use with the BDI3000.

The BDI3000 probe and its associated applications for development now support multi-core and multi-threaded development and control of RMI’s high performance XLR® and XLS® Processors to perform low-level hardware development, Linux kernel development, as well as in-circuit flash programming. The BDI probe is available and in stock from Ultimate Solutions, a leading supplier of professional grade development tools supporting North and South America. For more details about Ultimate Solutions, visit www.ultsol.com. For a complete list of Abatron’s active distributors in Europe and Asia, visit www.abatron.ch/sales.html.

“Abatron’s BDI3000 and Ultimate Solutions’ LinuxScope-JTD debugging tools provide additional support and convenience for our customers who continue to leverage the high-performance capabilities that the XLR and XLS Processor Families bring to the market,” said Mark Litvack, director, business development, RMI. “By providing these tools, our customers will be able to accelerate their development time in bringing multi-services communications platforms to the market.”

“We see the multi-core, multi-threaded market expanding and requiring the type of performance that RMI’s processors provide. With this continued growth we are happy to provide tools that help our mutual customers quickly bring their products to market,” said Max Vock, President of Abatron.

RMI’s multi-core, multi-threaded processors provide a rich set of features and performance levels to address the wide variety of integrated next generation applications, including integrated security, Web services, virtualized storage, load balancing, server offload and intelligent routing and switching systems. The XLR700 and XLR500 Processor series are software and hardware compatible and each processor is available in a variety of power options including standard, low and ultra low power. The XLS Processor family consists of cost-effective devices for embedded communication and networking, SMB and client oriented solutions. These solutions include integrated security, access points, routers and switch products. Each RMI Processor within its series is software and hardware compatible, and the XLS 600, 400, and 200 series processors are software compatible.

RMI Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company providing High-Performance Super System-on-a-Chip (SuperSoC[tm]) Processor solutions for the Infrastructure, Enterprise, and Consumer Media markets. Applications include Wireless, Networking Security, Thin Clients, and Connected Multi-Media. RMI offers a broad platform of advanced MIPS-compatible processor solutions with both 32/64-bit architectures supporting frequencies from 300MHz to 1.2 GHz. RMI is headquartered in Cupertino, CA with branch and subsidiary operations in Texas, United Kingdom, France, India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.

Abatron, AG is a privately held Swiss company, established on 1985. Abatron develops and produces high quality, high-speed BDM and JTAG Debug Tools (BDI Family) for development and production. Satisfied customers worldwide work with Abatron’s professional tools in targeting industries such as Automotive, Telecommunications, Industrial Control and Automation, Medical Instrumentation and Military and Aerospace Electronics.

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