6WINDGate Networking Embedded Software Ports to Freescale QorIQ P4080

6WIND, a leading provider of embedded software solutions to simplify networking and application development within multicore processor based equipment, announced that in a strategic collaboration with Freescale Semiconductor it has successfully ported its 6WINGGate[tm] embedded networking software suite to a simulation environment based on Freescale Semiconductor’s QorIQ[tm] P4080 multicore chip. The collaboration enables embedded software engineers to reduce development cycles thus, reduce costs and speed time to market with devices based on the QorIQ P4080 multicore chip.

6WINDGate being ported onto Virtuech’s® Simics® Hybrid Virtual platform for Freescale’s QorIQ P4080 multicore device enables greater flexibility in design planning, experimentation and optimization for complete systems and applications. Furthermore, 6WINDGate provides a ready-to-use networking and protocols feature set allowing engineers to start working on application development and integration sooner. As well, an XML-based manageability interface then eases integration of networking and value-added features and applications and also maximizes customer software developments reuse.

6WINDGate is 6WIND’s flagship embedded networking software solution to enable simplicity and speed in designing applications upon multicore based equipment. By ridding designers of having to deal with typical design complexities of multicore, several advantages can be realized with 6WINDGate by telecommunications, security and networking equipment manufacturers and chipset providers:

  • Maximizes the ability to benefit from performance gains offered by the QorIQ P4080 device
  • Scales from 1 to any number of cores using simple-to-implement differing profiles
  • Enables seamless integration of multicore executive environment (MCEE) with Linux Architecture using open and standards-based approach
  • Off-the-shelf ready with a complete set of networking features
  • Framework eases development of additional features, maximizes portability across the QorIQ P4080 device
  • Complete XML-based manageability eases integration of networking, applications and value-added features
  • Maximizes customer software developments reuse
  • Reduces development cycles and design time leading to cost reductions and creating a strong value proposition for telecommunications, security and networking equipment manufactures and chipset providers

All 6WINDGate profiles – ADS, EDS and SDS – are being used in the partnership to provide a holistic solution across any number of cores. 6WINDGate provides a complete networking solution including dual-IP networking protocols, comprehensive L2/L3 networking functions, unicast and multicast forwarding, virtual routing, tunneling, IPsec via built-in crypto processors, stateful firewall, QoS, NAT, and a VNB framework designed to easily integrate new interfaces such as WiMAX or L2 protocols. 6WINDGate can run as a pure Open Source or commercial Linux solution (ADS and EDS) or in conjunction with the MCEE (SDS) to provide the highest level of performance and a seamless integration into customers’ existing Control Plane. As a result, embedded designers and equipment manufacturers can use the combined solution as a software environment for the QorIQ P4080 multicore chip. It enables an end-to-end simplified design process for all phases, from the ability to develop a system using a simulation environment to the development and integration of applications on the multicore chip and migration of applications to multicore. The collaboration enables Freescale Semiconductor to benefit from all 6WINDGate features which include a complete suite of protocols, the ability to enable customers to maximize performance for multicore, and an open standards-based framework that simplifies integration and development for its customers in all phases of development.

“6WIND’s solution optimizes the performance of our QorIQ P4080 while empowering our customers with proven embedded software to speed and simplify development,” said Ian Forsyth Senior Enablement Architect, for Freescale Semiconductor. “The addition of 6WIND’s solution to our deep roster of third party enablement solutions will help our customers migrate to multicore with confidence.”

“Adding Freescale Semiconductor to our large list of technology partners essentially defines 6WIND as a reference solution for L2/L3 embedded networking software specifically designed for multicore,” commented Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND. “This joint solution enables Freescale QorIQ P4080 designers to realize true technological benefits that maximize performance while simplifying the entire design processes – from simulation to networking functionalities to the development and integration of applications, yielding a faster time to revenue with lower design costs.”

About QorIQ Communications Platform
Delivering new levels of performance, power-efficiency and programmability and built using one or more high-performance Power Architecture® cores, Freescale Semiconductor’s QorIQ platforms are system on chip (SoC) processors designed with next generation networking applications in mind. They provide a coherent multicore migration solution that enables embedded designers and equipment manufacturers to move to multicore with confidence. They consist of single, dual and many cores – all based on Freescale’s e500 Power Architecture technology. The QorIQ communications platforms begin with the P1 and P2 platforms — five package-, pin- and software-compatible processors designed to ease the transition from single- to dual-core processing. The QorIQ P4 platform, the signature member of product line, integrates eight enhanced Power Architecture® cores, a tri-level cache hierarchy, innovative CoreNet[tm] on-chip fabric and datapath acceleration. All platforms are delivered at 45-nanometer (nm) geometries – offering exceptional performance at embedded power budgets.

About 6WINDGate Suites
6WIND provides three different embedded networking software suites to provide a solution for any number of cores. 6WINDGate ADS is targeted for enterprise and home applications where it is ideal for the Control Plane and Data Plane to be co-localized and where the entire 6WINDGate software runs in a Linux environment. 6WINDGate EDS is ideal for mid-range applications primarily based on a Fast Path architecture. This Fast Path is implemented as a Linux kernel module between the Linux Networking Stack and the interface drivers thus, not requiring any specific MCEE. 6WINDGate SDS, ideal for the most demanding enterprise and telecommunications applications, is based on a Fast Path architecture. This Fast Path is identical to 6WINDGate EDS but is implemented as a module running in the MCEE outside Linux. Forwarding is performed at the Fast Path level for optimal performance. 6WINDGate’s XML-based Management Plane is also provided to deliver a complete solution.

6WIND’s ADS, EDS and SDS embedded software profile suites have all been successfully ported to Freescale Semiconductor’s QorIQ[tm] P4080 multicore chip. For customers that include designers and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, enterprise gateways, security appliances, customer premise equipment (CPE) for Internet home services, the solution is available today under a simulation environment with a chip model. The solution is available now for the simulation environment, and will be available for the P4080 device upon its release.

6WIND provides an embedded networking software solution to mediate through simplicity the networking and application development process within multicore based equipment for telecommunications, networking and security equipment manufacturers and their embedded chipset designers. With 6WIND, the entire ecosystem of multicore technology – board manufacturers, executive environment and OS providers, chipset vendors and equipment manufacturers – can take full advantage of multicore processor capabilities without needing to deal with traditional embedded design complexities. The 6WIND’s solutions enable a reduction in development costs and a faster realization of revenues. 6WIND is a privately owned company based near Paris, France with a subsidiary in California, sales office in Asia, and an R&D center in Beijing, China.