MontaVista Software Optimizes Mobilinux for TI OMAP35x Processors

MontaVista® Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux® commercialization, announced that its award-winning MontaVista Mobilinux[tm] 5.0 Linux operating system software is now optimized for the Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP35x applications processors. As the first broad offering of the ARM® Cortex[TM]-A8 core, the OMAP3530 device provides superior video, image and graphics processing while reducing overall development costs. With MontaVista Mobilinux, the OMAP3530 processor enables streaming video, 2D/3D mobile graphics, video conferencing, video capture in devices such as portable navigation devices, Internet appliances, and portable patient monitoring devices.

“Device designers are facing more pressure from demanding customers, tight budgets, and tough competitors to deliver competitive, highly functional multimedia devices, so these designers are looking for ways to lower costs and shorten time to market while still delivering innovation,” said Jim Ready, founder and CTO of MontaVista Software. “MontaVista Mobilinux 5.0 won this year’s EDN Innovation Award as the Best Software Innovation of the Year, and it is now available to help developers get the most from open source on the powerful OMAP[tm] 3 hardware platform.”

“‘Community first, commercial complement’ is TI’s new way of offering the best of both Linux worlds to customers. The community has fast and free access to drivers and fresh kernels for innovation, and is complemented by commercially available support, tools, testing, and maintenance for robust productization,” said William Mills, chief technologist, open Linux solutions, TI. “With MontaVista’s Mobilinux as the commercial complement to our community Linux, developers can make full use of the increased design options that are now available for new multimedia products based on TI’s OMAP35x platform.”

MontaVista Mobilinux is an optimized Linux operating system including specialized features such as dynamic power management for designing devices such as MIDs (mobile Internet devices), UMPCs (ultra mobile personal computers), GPS devices, portable medical products, and automotive infotainment. According to a research report published earlier this year by the Mobile Consumer Lab of the International University of Japan, “MontaVista Mobilinux currently dominates the Linux market for wireless devices, having implemented over 90 percent of Linux-based smartphones shipped in 2007.” Earlier this year, Mobilinux 5.0 was named by EDN as Best Software Innovation of the Year for being the software product that most significantly shaped the semiconductor industry in the past year.

MontaVista Mobilinux 5.0 for TI’s OMAP 3 platform is available now, directly from MontaVista and through its distributors.

MontaVista Software, Inc. is the leader in embedded Linux commercialization. MontaVista helps embedded developers get the most out of open source by adding commercial quality, integration, hardware enablement, expert support, and the resources of the MontaVista development community. Because MontaVista customers enjoy faster time to market, more competitive device functionality, and lower total cost, more devices have been deployed with MontaVista than with any other Linux. For information on the Vision 2008 Embedded Linux Developers Conference Oct. 1-3, visit

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