LFoundry Introduces PyCell Mixed-Signal Design Kit

Ciranova, Inc. and Silicon Foundry Holding, doing business as LFoundry, announced the development of a mixed-signal design kit for the company’s 0.15 micron modular CMOS process. The design kit includes interoperable PyCells[tm] built with Ciranova PyCell Studio, which can be used by OpenAccess tools from a variety of vendors.

“This kit will enable designers to create analog mixed signal chips for a wide range of markets and applications using our new 0.15 micron process,” said Gerhard Spitzlsperger, chief of the engineering group at LFoundry. “PyCell Studio enables us to create and maintain just one PyCell library that can be used by any OpenAccess tool. This makes our PDK development effort much more efficient and less costly.”

The new kit includes a variety of PyCells to create low leakage and high speed NMOS and PMOS transistors, poly and NWELL resistors, poly capacitors, and other components. Available now in beta release, BiPolar, LDMOS and other components are planned for future updates. I/O is available at 1.8V, 3.3V and 5.0V.

“We congratulate LFoundry on their development of this new PyCell library,” said Eric Filseth, CEO of Ciranova. “Their decision to support the full range of OpenAccess tools makes it easier for analog and mixed-signal designers to build flows using best-in-class tools, and build more chips faster.”

PyCell Studio is a free product available for download from the Ciranova web site. The LFoundry PyCells are based in part on the open-source IPL Library created by the IPL Alliance.

Silicon Foundry Holding, doing business as LFoundry, will act as a European foundry specialized in analog mixed signal production. Based in Landshut, Germany, LFoundry is in a good position to support local markets including lower volumes, providing a flexible approach to customer requirements.

Ciranova is an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) startup company, focused on delivering a complete suite of analog and mixed-signal layout automation solutions built from the ground up on the industry standard OpenAccess database from SI2. PyCell Studio, chosen by the IPL Alliance as its mechanism for developing and enabling interoperable PCells, is available as a free download from the company web site. Ciranova Helix is the industry’s first automated analog layout solution that delivers design-rule-correct placement comparable hand layout in minutes. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.