Aonix Announces ObjectAda Real-Time for LynxOS 4.2 RTOS

Aonix®, a provider of solutions for safety- and mission-critical applications, announced the release of ObjectAda for Linux hosts targeting PowerPC embedded and real-time systems running the LynuxWorks LynxOS 4.2 RTOS. With enhanced edit, build, and debug facilities, ObjectAda speeds Ada application development using Linux, the preferred environment of engineers building large and complex systems. Thanks to such time savings, ObjectAda developers can reduce time to market and development costs over less functional toolchains.

ObjectAda Real-Time for LynxOS includes an enhanced linker that dramatically reduces link time. As well, the Ada debug facility enables more efficient use of functions to step into and out of protected subprograms. Upgraded support for GDB/MI mixed-code disassembly and interspersion of disassembled code with sources is included and improved multi-language debug support for C and Ada code are also provided to speed cross language test cycles.

“Aonix has long been a premier partner,” said Joe Wlad, Director of Certification, Marketing and Services at LynuxWorks. “Many of our customers, especially in the aerospace and military segments, continue to look for ways to leverage their Ada development expertise in new projects or extend the life of their existing Ada applications with updated and improved tools. We are pleased that Aonix continues to support our most important LynxOS customers with their ObjectAda family.”

“Access to standards-based COTS products like those supplied by LynuxWorks is extremely important for our military and defense customers,” confirmed Gary Cato, Aonix director of marketing. “Aonix is committed to supporting world-class RTOS environments like LynxOS and strives to continually improve the efficiency and level of integration between our products. Our combined technologies deliver a powerful toolset to developers.”

About the ObjectAda Family
ObjectAda is an extensive family of native and cross development tools and runtime environments. ObjectAda native products provide host development and execution support for the most popular environments including Windows, Linux and various Unix operating systems. ObjectAda Real-Time products provide cross development tools on Windows, Linux or Unix systems which target PowerPC and Intel target processors running in a full Ada “bare” runtime or in conjunction with popular RTOSs. ObjectAda RAVEN® products provide a hard real-time Ada runtime to address those systems requiring certification to the highest levels of safety standards such as DO-178B Level A for flight safety.

About LynxOS
LynxOS is the leading POSIX conformant embedded operating system on the market — the first choice of customers who cannot afford downtime. LynxOS forms the embedded core of a wide array of systems, from postal mail sorting solutions to air traffic control systems, and from office printers and copiers to commercial airliners. As the only hard-real time technology with broad conformance to open and de facto standards such as Linux®, POSIX and UNIX®, LynxOS has the power to take full advantage of current hardware designs, and offers broad re-use of available software applications. LynxOS also features a fully integrated Eclipse-based IDE supporting the ubiquitous GNU toolchain to provide a streamlined development and execution environment and offers a unique Linux Application Interface (ABI) for running Linux applications in high-reliability systems.

Shipping and Availability
ObjectAda Real-Time targeting Power Architectures running LynuxWorks’ LynxOS 4.2 is immediately available starting at $15K in the U.S. with quantity discounts available. Support for LynxOS 5.0 will be determined based on customer requirements.

LynuxWorks, a world leader in the embedded software market, is committed to providing open and reliable real-time operating systems (RTOS) and software tools to embedded developers. The company’s LynxOS family of operating systems offers open standards with the highest level of safety and security features, enabling many mission-critical systems in defense, avionics and other industries. Additionally, LynuxWorks’ BlueCat Linux provides the features and support of embedded Linux for companies wanting to use open source technology for their embedded applications. The Eclipse-based Luminosity IDE gives a powerful and consistent development system across all LynuxWorks operating systems. Since it was established in 1988, LynuxWorks has created technology that has been successfully deployed in thousands of designs and millions of products made by leading communications, avionics, aerospace/defense, and consumer electronics companies. LynuxWorks’ headquarters are located in San José, CA.

Aonix offers mission- and safety-critical solutions primarily to the military and aerospace, telecommunications and transportation industries. Aonix delivers the leading highly reliable, real-time embedded virtual machine solution for running Java[tm] programs deployed today and has the largest number of certified Ada applications at the highest level of criticality. Headquartered in San Diego, CA and Paris, France, Aonix operates sales offices throughout North America and Europe in addition to offering a network of international distributors.

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