embWiSe Ports Linux SDIOWorx to Freescale’s iMX31, iMX27 Platforms

embWiSe Technologies Pvt.Ltd. a start-up in Chennai, India had announced support for its Linux SDIOWorx package on Freescale Semiconductors’ iMX31 and iMX27 Host Processor platforms. Riding on the success of its complete Linux SDIOWorx package, embWiSe had developed and ported its Linux version of SDIOWorx package on Freescale’s iMX31 and iMX27 Processor Platforms under Linux 2.6.x kernels. The iMX31 and iMX27 application processors from Freescale Semiconductors are targeted for multimedia applications like the fast growing PMP/ Video Surveillance Camera and Portable Navigation Devices market.

The SDIOWorx package for iMX31 and iMX27 processor platforms include: the SD/SDIO/MMC Host Controller Driver for the onchip SD Host Controller, the SD/SDIO stack, SD/MMC/MMC4.x/SD High Capacity (SDHC) Storage Drivers and an SDIO-WiFi Driver.

The PMP,Video Surveillance Camera and PND designs are increasingly becoming WiFi enabled. embWiSe provides support for three different SDIO-WiFi 802.11b/g driver solutions packaged with SDIOWorx on iMX31 and iMX27: (i) Marvell 88W8686 (SD8686), (ii) Socket Mobile’s Go Wi-Fi! P300 SDIO-WLAN card/P700 modules and (iii) Atheros AR6K (provided under the GPL license).

embWiSe also offers production ready Linux SDIO-WiFi driver software solutions for the following Host Processor Platforms: TI’s DaVinci DM6446/ OMAP24x0, Freescale’s iMX21, Samsung’s S3C24x0, Marvell’s PXA270/PXA320, Atmel’s AVR32/AP7000 & AT91SAM9260 and RMI’s Alchemy AU1200. The SDIO-WiFi driver package will include the SDIO Host Controller Driver, SDIO Bus Driver and the SDIO-WiFi driver with WPA/WPA2 supplicant support.

In addition to Linux, embWiSe also has its SDIOWorx and SDIO-WiFi drivers supported on ThreadX RTOS and NucleusPlus embedded OS platforms to address DSC,PMP and Feature Phone markets.

embWiSe also undertakes development, porting and integration of the SPI-WiFi and SDIO-WiFi package for any other specific Host Processor/OS Platforms/WLAN chipset through an NRE services model.