OCP-IP Releases Industry Organizations Chart

Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP) announced the release of an Industry Organizations Chart. The chart enables viewers to quickly and easily understand the large and growing scope of benefits, activities and deliverables available from multiple industry bodies throughout the EDA, Semiconductor and IP landscape from a single source.

“OCP-IP frequently receives questions from both members and non-members alike about the various roles played in the industry by multiple industry bodies, why companies often need to be members of several organizations rather than just one, how these organizations collaborate, differences in focus areas etc,” said Ian Mackintosh president and chairman OCP-IP. “To help dispel the existing confusion, we developed a chart showing various groups, their focus areas, organizational structure, benefits, membership procedures, as well as numerous other important and differentiating facts.”

The chart allows viewers to see information from each group side by side to compare and contrast their divers areas of focus and benefits of membership. It includes summary information kindly contributed by: Accellera, Design and Reuse (D&R) European Electronic Chips and Systems Design Initiative (ECSI), EDA Consortium (EDAC), Nexus Consortium, Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP), Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI), and the SPIRIT Consortium.

To view the chart, please see www.ocpip.org/pressroom/trade_organization_data/

To view a podcast describing the Industry Organization Chart in more detail please visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl7Na6ML87U

The OCP International Partnership Association, Inc. (OCP-IP), formed in 2001, promotes and supports the Open Core Protocol (OCP) as the complete socket standard ensuring rapid creation and integration of interoperable virtual components. OCP-IP’s Governing Steering Committee participants include: Nokia (NYSE: NOK), Sonics Inc., Synopsys (SNPS), Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN), and Toshiba Semiconductor Group (including Toshiba America TAEC). OCP-IP is a non-profit corporation delivering the first fully supported, openly licensed, core-centric protocol comprehensively fulfilling system-level integration requirements. The OCP facilitates IP core reusability and reduces design time, risk, and manufacturing costs for SoC designs.