Netrino Creates Zero Bugs…Period Firmware Design Methodology

Netrino, The Embedded Systems Experts and a leader in embedded systems training and engineering services, announced the Zero Bugs…Period firmware design methodology. Taking a multi-tiered approach, the far-reaching Zero Bugs…Period methodology features a unique bug-eliminating embedded software coding standard at its core plus surrounding layers of system architecture principles and proven project management and organizational processes.

“An ever-increasing number and range of products, from anti-lock braking systems to medical devices, contain embedded software,” said Netrino president Michael Barr. “The high costs of recalls and the potential risks to human life and limb point to the widespread need for a more integrated set of bug-eliminating design practices like that found in Zero Bugs…Period.”

The Zero Bugs…Period layers of best practices are highlighted throughout Netrino Institute’s training courses on embedded software design, which now have been augmented with new courses focused on project- and organization-level processes to eliminate embedded software bugs. “Netrino Institute’s new slate of courses immediately and effectively improves the ability of participants to eliminate bugs from their embedded software, thus reducing downstream product liability and maintenance costs,” added Netrino Chief Technology Officer Mike Ficco.

Information on the Zero Bugs…Period methodology is available at Netrino’s website. Netrino Institute’s Fall 2008 course schedule and registration information – including updated versions of the popular Multithreaded RTOS Programming course and Embedded Software Boot Camp program.

Founded in 1999 and based in Columbia, MD, Netrino provides training and engineering services related to the development of next-generation embedded systems. The company has three business units: Netrino Institute trains engineers in best practices, Netrino Consulting provides unbiased engineering guidance throughout the engineering lifecycle, and Netrino Labs assists companies with product development.

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