HMG-828 Industrial Managed Gigabit Switch Drives Car Factory Automation

Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, is pleased to share an application involving the most powerful Industrial Managed Gigabit switch HMG-828, an eight port 10/100TX + 2 port Gigabit copper with SFP ports. The complete Ethernet backbone of the car manufacturing plant works at gigabit speed. The Latin American plant consists of the following departments – R&D, manufacturing, assembly, component & casting, administration and others. The seamless improvement in the car industry requires timely planning and enhancement in production lines. The car production go through five stages, which starts from stamping, body in white, paintwork, body assembly and finally, inspection & dispatch. Industrial switches are connected to the plant network via redundant optical fiber to ensure the highest level of availability within the operation.

Every stage in the production cycle influences on the manufacturing. On the plant floor, deploying gigabit connectivity is intended to provide true high speed communications and by interconnecting several gigabit up-link ports of the distributed switches, the industrial switch can reduce wiring and make the required infrastructure for real-time applications possible. Dynamics and transparency in all stage and levels of the company must be certain by providing real-time and constant communication within the network.

The HMG-828 was selected in the application, which is an industrial gigabit managed switch that is able to offer ring redundancy and recovery of less than 100 ms in case a link is disrupted. The product meets the specifications of suitability for the plant, network redundancy, simple network diagnostics, and simple maintenance and SNMP management. The system implements automated monitoring by conducting real-time monitoring on each sub-system. In terms of production monitoring, it collects, transmits, processes, displays & records the data to support production operations synchronously.

With Ethernet Direct HMG-828, manufacturing can be possible with intelligent network monitoring which also brings a cost effective management solution. The HMG-828 Industrial managed Gigabit ethernet switches are engineered with state of the art design that supports both Gigabit SX and LX or flexible SFP form factor to keep your network secured, reliable and a good choice for scalable backbone construction. Ethernet Direct HMG-828 offers excellent management features that help to keep your network running hassle free and can automatically detect the Gigabit cable connections priority for each Gigabit port.

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