Sirius PXA270 Reference Design Supports Windows CE 6.0 R2

e-con Systems Inc., a leading Embedded Design Services company based out of St Louis, USA & Chennai, India announced e-con announces support of Windows CE 6.0 R2 on its PXA270 reference design – Sirius. The Sirius reference design is e-con’s flagship product which is based on PXA270 processor and can be used as a development kit for multiple purposes including customized product design, establishing POC (proof of concept), R&D, application development etc.

Sirius can be made to use the new windows CE 6.0 R2 that contains new features such as support for remote desktop 6.0, support for SDHC, dynamically loadable font engines and the new componentized flash driver. The support for SDHC 2.0 which not only will result in support for high capacity cards but also will result in higher speeds.

Commenting on features of CE 6.0 R2, Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems said “One of the features of R2 which would be of considerable interest to our customers is the ability to support both true type and raster fonts and the ability to load our own fonts and write the control engine for the same.”

e-con Systems, has earlier also announced availability of multiple add-on-modules like Printer, GPS, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. with SIRIUS having support for Windows CE 5.0/6.0.

Sirius is a Reference Platform designed to cater various requirements such as navigation, audio and multimedia rich consumer electronics, industrial handheld devices for data logging, handheld cash transaction terminals, Video conferencing terminals, Video streaming nodes, Portable media players, surveillance terminals and information kiosks etc. This board is designed around Marvell (formerly Intel) Xscale PXA270 processor running at 520MHz and is powered by Linux and Windows CE. SIRIUS also supports a lot of Add-on-Modules , which helps customers in faster product design.

e-con Systems is an engineering services company focused on system integration services and product development services. On the system integration services side, e-con offers hardware design services with processors such as PXA270, PXA320, i.Mx31, i.Mx27 and driver development services on Windows CE and embedded Linux. On the product development services front, e-con has developed digital picture frames, point of sale terminals, handheld data loggers for its customers.