Emerson Offers Commercial Distribution of OpenSAF Avantellis Middleware

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity[tm], announced that it will offer its Avantellis[TM] Middleware as the industry’s first commercial distribution of the OpenSAF code base. The Avantellis Middleware distribution offers a comprehensive and highly portable high availability (HA) middleware suite that can be adapted to various hardware platforms, operating systems and processor technologies. This capability provides unique customer value by providing a leading-edge, highly flexible, commercially deployable HA solution. In addition, the open source model ensures the product will remain state-of-the-art and addresses concerns with vendor lock-in.

“As evidenced by the broad spectrum of telecom equipment vendors, enterprise companies, OS and embedded computing companies that are committed to OpenSAF, open source will be widely used for all types of system software,” said Simon Stanley, Principal Consultant with Earlswood Marketing. “Emerson Network Power’s introduction of a commercial OpenSAF distribution will play an integral role in accelerating the adoption of COTS-based HA middleware throughout the entire industry.”

Exhaustively tested on Emerson Network Power’s AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) blades and systems, the field-ready Avantellis Middleware is designed to meet the high-availability and mission critical needs of telecom, military and industrial applications that require greater than 5NINES availability. The middleware is fully validated, road-mapped and supported by Emerson Network Power’s Embedded Computing business and is accompanied by a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet stringent time-to-market goals.

Compliant with the Service Availability TM Forum (SA Forum) Application Interface Specification (AIS), the Avantellis Middleware uses the SA Forum Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) to facilitate platform management. It supports a variety of AIS compliant services, as well as complementary services that address and resolve extra requirements for a complete SA Forum solution. In addition, the hardware and software is fully validated with some of the industry’s most comprehensive test and verification cycles to meet specific customer requirements.

“As the initial contributor to OpenSAF, we are excited to be the first to offer a commercial distribution of open source HA middleware to complement our existing line of pre-integrated and pre-validated ATCA products,” said Jorge Magalhaes, vice president of marketing for the Embedded Computing business of Emerson Network Power. “The combination of SA Forum standards compliance, open-source licensing under LGPL 2.1, adaptability to multiple hardware architectures and vendors, and full validation and support by Emerson, add up to one of the most compelling business models in the industry.

“Customers can be confident they are using a commercial distribution of one of the most comprehensive and mature SA Forum AIS compliant HA middleware implementations in the industry, jointly produced by the leading telecom equipment manufacturers, embedded computing, and enterprise computing companies in the world,” said Magalhaes.

An early access version of Avantellis Middleware 4.0 is available now, with general availability in Q4 2008.

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