Sans Digital Rolls Out AccuRAID AR442F4, AR442F4R Storage Rackmounts

Sans Digital, a brand of high performance storage subsystems, is revealing two exceedingly professional storage rackmounts that house up to forty-two hard drives, the AccuRAID AR442F4 and AR442F4R. These units utilize two high-speed Fibre Channel interfaces, and supports up to RAID 6 for maximum data protection. Along with the sizeable capacity, the AR442F4R is also equipped with Active-Active redundant controllers for mission-critical datacenter environments.

Sans Digital AccuRAID AR442F4 and AR442F4R storage rackmountsThe AR442F4 is a high density 4U rackmount designed for storage hungry applications, and accommodates up to 42TB of storage space. The unit utilizes advanced Fibre technology when operating as direct attached storage (DAS), and could be setup as a storage area network (SAN) with the assistance of a Fibre Channel network switch. In addition, the duo Fibre Channel ports allow the support of clustering, where the unit could be accessed by multiple servers, ensuring continuous uptime in a production environment. To reinforce the AR442F4′s ability to overcome hardware failure, three redundant and hot-swappable power supplies and two hot-swappable cooling fans are available for added safeguard.

Single controller (AR442F4) or Active-Active redundant controllers (AR442F4R) options are available for further failure protection when needed. Internally, the AR442F4 supports up to RAID 6, with RAID monitoring, RAID notification, automatic failover, and automatic recovery. The unit’s built-in Ethernet port with web based management console and SES management features provide instant access to the status of the RAID array and the enclosure to reduce downtime.

The structure of the AR442F4 is designed with sliding rails and hot-swappable trays for effortless hard drive access. Drives could be easily installed by opening the top panel and exposing vertical rows of hard drive trays.

“Composed of a lightweight aluminum enclosure and a cable-less backplane, this rackmount could be easily installed, maintained, and expanded,” stated Grandy Chen, Sans Digital’s President. “With 42TB of storage capacity and sophisticated features to ensure high availability, the AR442F4 is a cost effective solution with massive capability.”

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