IntellaSys Announces SEAforth 40C18 Multicore Processor

IntellaSys®, the technology development arm of the TPL Group, unveiled its industry-leading SEAforth® 40C18 multicore processor technology for next-generation embedded wireless, portable and distributed data processing applications. The SEAforth 40C18 is an array of 40 fully functional CPUs operating asynchronously on a monolithic die. Based on the IntellaSys Scalable Embedded Array[tm] (SEA) platform, the SEAforth 40C18 technology sets the performance paradigm of the future for high-speed parallel execution capabilities, including superior performance per watt, low power consumption and low cost benefits.

IntellaSys SEAforth 40C18 Multicore Processor“The SEAforth 40C18 represents a major milestone in embedded design,” said Chet Brown, Chief Executive Officer of IntellaSys. “There are no central clock-tree inefficiencies. Each core can operate at up to 700 MHz while the chip dissipates an average of an unrivaled 150 milliwatts in a typical application – and all this at one-tenth the cost of other products in the market.”

The speed, power and size advantages of the SEAforth 40C18 design are ideally suited for today’s high data throughput requirements in a wide range of consumer electronics, networking, automotive and defense applications. The chip is currently in beta testing at leading OEMs. “Power consumption is an extremely critical factor when designing devices for embedded automotive applications,” said Jeff Ota, Advanced Technology Engineering, BMW Technology Office Palo Alto. “While running tests on edge filtering for automotive imaging applications, we found the SEAforth 40C18 delivers advanced filtering capabilities at a fraction of the power consumed by other products available in the market today.”

Featuring the smallest core size design (0.13 mm2), the SEAforth chip consumes 28 times less power while running 240 times faster than competing architectures. The SEAforth 40C18 breaks the memory bottleneck by creating a RAM and ROM on each core. This enables individual cores to run at the full native speed of the silicon instead of being throttled down to a slower external system clock frequency. The automatic synchronization feature between cores allows the processors to share the computing load by talking to each other to pass data, status signals and even code blocks. When individual CPUs are not active, they automatically shut down or sleep, consuming just 5.4 µW in leakage current until awakened.

“The beauty of this single-chip 40 CPU processing solution is that it is completely programmable – meaning if a spec changes, it is a code issue, not a silicon turn,” said Charles Moore, Chief Technology Officer of IntellaSys. “With 40 cores operating independently on the chip, designers can dedicate groups of them to handle specific tasks. For example, some could be assigned compute-intensive Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) while others handle wireless connectivity, standard I/O interfaces or drive external memory.”

The product will be offered with VentureForth[tm], an advanced multicore integrated development environment (IDE) that includes fully interactive programming, testing and debugging facilities. The SEAforth 40C18 is capable of executing 80 percent of its VentureForth instructions in 1.38 nanoseconds while drawing 7mW of power or less per CPU.

The SEAforth 40C18 is slated for December 2008 availability. For details on qualified availability and pricing of products and development systems, please contact the company at

IntellaSys is a TPL Group enterprise focused on developing and manufacturing multicore processor solutions for highly compact embedded applications that must operate at low power with high performance while utilizing a long-established, cost-effective .18 micron process. With headquarters in Cupertino, California, IntellaSys has 6 design centers, two in California and four others based in Colorado, Nevada, Ohio and Austria. Founded in 1988 by Dan Leckrone, The TPL Group has emerged as a coalition of high technology enterprises involved in the development, management and commercialization of proprietary product technologies as well as the design, manufacture and sales of proprietary products based on those technologies.

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