Everything You Wanted to Know About Blu-ray Audio Webinar

Tensilica, Inc. will present a live webcast “Everything You Wanted to Know About Blu-ray Audio – but were afraid to hear,” highlighting the technical aspects of Blu-ray audio that system developers must know. The webinar will also provide insight into the codecs and the implementation hardware needed for high-quality, multichannel, multi-codec sound reproduction through the smooth, efficient execution of Blu-ray audio-codec firmware.

The presenter for the September 24th broadcast will be Steve Leibson, technology evangelist, Tensilica, Inc. The live webcast will take place on Wednesday, September 24th, at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET. Afterwards, it will be available on demand from the EDN archives.

About Steve Leibson
Steven Leibson is the technology evangelist for Tensilica, Inc. He formerly served as the vice president of content and editor in chief of the Microprocessor Report, editor in chief of EDN Magazine, and founding editor in chief of Embedded Developers Journal magazine. He has conducted many seminars and tutorials on system design around the world, has written hundreds of articles that appeared in many of the world’s industry trade magazines, and has won many industry awards for his writing. He published the book “Designing SOCs with Configured Cores” in 2006, which discusses the concepts of IP-driven and processor-centric SOC design for the 21st century. This book advocates across-the-board advances in system design, leaving behind antiquated ASIC design styles that are now almost two decades old. Leibson received his degree from Case Western Reserve University and worked in industry as a design engineer and engineering manager for leading-edge system-design companies including Hewlett-Packard and Cadnetix. Leibson is an IEEE Senior Member.

Tensilica, Inc., is the recognized leader in customizable applications processors, DSPs and standard IP cores for audio, video, imaging, security, networking, and baseband signal processing. The automated design tools behind all of Tensilica’s customizable applications processor cores power top tier semiconductor companies, innovative start-ups, and system OEMs for high-volume products including mobile phones, consumer electronics devices (including portable media players, digital TV, and broadband set top boxes), computers, and storage, networking and communications equipment.

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