Microcross Rolls Out GX-Linux Platform for Cogent CSB733 Development Kit

Microcross, Inc. releases a GX-Linux[tm] platform for the Cogent CSB733 with Freescale’s i.MX31 that is shipping from Cogent Computer Systems. The i.MX31 target processor is designed for low-power, low-cost, high performance products for multimedia applications, including portable devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, medical devices, industrial controls, kiosks, etc.

Cogent CSB733 SODIMM Module with Freescale i.MX31ProcessorThe GX-Linux[tm] Enterprise Platform comprises the following components:

  • Visual X-Tools[tm] IDE (multi-language code editor, make file maintainer, CM management interface, & much more)
  • GNU X-Tools[tm] ARM Linux/ELF toolsuites with Visual GDB and GDB Server
  • Linux v2.6.24 (stable) kernel and BSP with MMU support
  • Shared glibc and stdc++ libraries for embedded development
  • ROM, USB (pendrive), SD/MMC or remote NFS Filesystem mounts
  • BusyBox v1.7.2 (stable) utilities
  • Linux Drivers
    • Serial I/O
    • SD / MMC
    • TCP/Ethernet
    • Audio
    • USB Host
    • Framebuffer
    • SDIO and SPI available with customization

The CSB733 Single Board Computer is a highly integrated, SODIMM SOM that features a 400Mhz (532Mhz optional) ARM1126EJ-S based i.MX31C with On-Chip LCD I/F and 2D/3D Graphics Engine, 480MBit USB Host, 480MBit USB Device, I2S Audio I/F, Dual 4-Bit SDIO, Four UARTS and Dual SPI. Additional board features include Low Power 10/100 Ethernet Controller and On-Board 3.2V power supply.

Microcross provides customization services for GX-LInux as an additional product support offering. Microcross has CSB733 i.MX31 DevKits in stock at Cogent, and Microcross has the complete GX-Linux[tm] Enterprise platforms ready to order and ship on the same day. The Enterprise GX-Linux[tm] board support package with the Visual X-Tools IDE and toolsuite are priced at $5,000 and includes one year of engineering technical support.

Cogent Computer Systems, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of embedded OEM and development boards since 1992. Cogent produces single board computers that can be used for both OEM use and software development. The Cogent Single Board computers (CSBs) are based upon today’s leading technology and most popular integrated CPU’s such as ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and ColdFire. Cogent SBCs are small in size and price, fully featured and easy to use. With over 12 years of experience, Cogent solutions are “Always Complete” and provide a cost effective platform for integration into custom systems as well as for rapid software development.

Microcross is the leading international distributor of open-source embedded development tools based on GNU technology. Microcross is making embedded systems easier to program by providing full-featured, open-source development tools that are validated and documented, so customers can affordably accelerate their development. Microcross enables customers to confidently develop and run software in embedded systems faster, more reliably and at a lower cost. Microcross’ professional embedded tools solution tightly integrates a rich set of leading real-time operating systems and its own brand of embedded Linux to meet the needs of customers producing embedded devices and smart technology.